Kid’s Stuff–(Smile-makers)

–My son has really been acting out the last couple of days. (I think Kerry assumes he can get away with more, and he’s mad that Daddy is not here.) Anyway, I’ve had to “crack down” on him. Sunday night, the kids and I had the following dialogue :

“You’re S-O-O-O mean!” exclaimed Kerry.

Apparently, I’m not mean enough!” I maturely quipped back. ;-)

Sarah suddenly exclaimed, “No Mommy, please don’t get any meaner!!” -D


–Yesterday morning, Sarah had gotten upset about something and wanted me to hold her. So, I sat down with her in the old recliner. After a few minutes, I told Sarah I had to get up, because I had a lot of things to do.

Just a few more seconds…,” pleaded Sarah, “…Oh, Mommy, sometimes I miss the ‘baby days.” -D


–Sarah sent the following sweet email message to her Daddy yesterday (her own message with her own spelling and grammar) :

Dear Daddy, Kerry is having a bad week. But I still don’t know what the rest of the week is going to be. God only knows. Did you know, that the Stegosaurus had a brain the size of a walnut? The fish are doing o.k.. Is Norman small or big? (Norman is the place her Daddy is staying.) Man, do I love it when I send you e-mail’s!


–Finally, the following is a post written by Sarah (6.5 yo) that she wanted to share with all of you (once again–her own spelling and grammar) :

God Love’s Me

God is very, very, very, nice to you and me. I love God. God is good. I love reading the Bible, and praying to Him.

After we go to Church, we go to Grandma’s and Granddaddy’s house, and when it is time to eat, me and Rachel (my cousin) and Kerry (my brother) say the prayer. By the way, my name is Sarah (Janet’s little girl). I can’t wait to be with God. My mother (Janet) has a good, good, good, website about God. (No, I didn’t ask for this plug! -D ) Soon, maybe I can have one, but I think I need to get older, because I am jest 6 year’s old. God love’s you a lot, lot, lot. You know what, some day, I will see you!

Love, Sarah


**Note: Aren’t kids precious?! Whenever I start to wonder why I’m here at home with them, it sure doesn’t take long for me to be reminded! -)


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