Thursday Thirteen #3

Last week, someone had listed previous jobs, and I thought I would give it a whirl. So here goes:

Thirteen Jobs I’ve Had:

1. My first job was at age 15; working for DK Clay. I cleaned and prepared thrown pottery for the kiln. (I think I broke more pottery than I cleaned! Oops! -D )

2. At age 16, I began working for Food Lion as a cashier. I can still remember being excited about making $3.65 an hour–(can you believe that?!) I worked there off and on for about 6 yrs. (throughout high school and part of college). (I think I still may have nightmares about “snow” and “never-ending lines at the grocery store! -D )

3. Health Plan Coordinator for Health Center at NC State (It sounds more impressive than it was, believe me.)

4. KFC–worked there for a summer during college (This was definitely not my favorite job–it was very fast-paced and messy. Also, I was a little too clumsy; a potential hazard in the kitchen! -D)

5. Subway–(I think this one only lasted a week or twoI’ll spare you the details).

6. Oriental Rug Liquidators–worked there for a summer during college.

7. Teller for First Citizens Bank–worked there for a summer before going to Graduate School. (I was excellent with balancing my drawer at the end of the day–my previous experience as a cashier came in handy! I’m still very particular about all my dollar bills facing the same way, etc.).

8. Winn Dixie photo lab–worked there for a summer.[Had a little problem with the machine one day and a few stray pictures “paid the price”-they were like disappearing socks in the dryer! (By the way, does anyone know where all the socks go-really, I want to know!) -)]

9. Year-long internship at an elementary school (training to be a Guidance Counselor, while often thinking, “What was I thinking?!”)

10. Guidance Counselor for two years at two schools (part-time at an elementary school and part-time at a middle school)

11. School Counselor for three years at a middle school (until 6 months into my first pregnancy)

12. Preschool substitute teacher for a couple of different Christian preschools

13. SAHM–almost 7 yrs now; home-school teacher for 2 yrs


9 Responses

  1. You’ve had a lot of jobs! I think we can tell that you like #13 best of all!

  2. You’ve had an interesting set of jobs. I am all of these experiences influence your home-schooling.

  3. I want to know about the Subway experience!

    The Pink Flamingo

  4. Wow! You’ve worked a wide variety of jobs. I got my first job at 15 too. I washed dishes by hand at a local restaurant, and it was hard work.

  5. You were all over the place in the job spectrum. An interesting history.

    My T13 #72 is up. 13 Photo Answers to the Photo Meme Stop by if you get a chance.


    We have a LOT in common! I found your blog through the front of WordPress….We have the same template to start with…..nice to “meet” you!

  7. Hi Tracy! That’s awesome-it’s great to meet you! I had visited your blog some yesterday, but didn’t get to stay as long as I had wanted. Hey, I just now saw your Friday meme. I may have to “get in” on that one! I’ll be back by to see you later!


  8. Hi Carol,

    Yeah, I hadn’t even realized that I had that many jobs until I decided to try using them for the Thursday 13!

    Happy Easter to you!

  9. […] Jobs I have had: **See prior post…“13 Jobs I’ve Had.” […]

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