“What I Wish I Had Known…

…My First Year of Homeschooling” is the Friday meme for “The Heart of the Matter.” (I found it at Tracy’s blog, here).

The main thing that comes to mind for me is that I think I would have stressed a little less and enjoyed a little more. I actually answered this same meme several months ago (from a different blog host) and this was my reply:

Last year, we started off with a strict, stringent, and early schedule. Of course, it didn’t take long before we were all totally exhausted and extremely frustrated! Thankfully, I was reminded by other homeschool moms about one of the many great advantages of homeschooling. We don’t have to conform to the schedule, ideas, ways of teaching, etc. of the public school system! (Difficult lesson to learn though when a person has been through 13 years of public school education, 6 years of college, and 5 years of public school work!)

Once again, as I’ve stated before, finding a balance is key! Our school has tried at least 4 different schedules in one year! We don’t function well under a rigid schedule, but we can’t be too nonchalant about it either, or we accomplish very little. Yep, we’re still working on that balance thing!

Speaking of balance, the other thing I have realized this past year, is that you truly can “have too much of a good thing.” At times, we would start to get bogged down and exhausted from too many activities. Then, I would have to”take a step back” and remember– that the activities are to “enhance” homeschooling, not to “hinder” or “replace” it!!

Yes, I have learned a few things on this journey, and I know I have much left to learn!



One Response

  1. Balance!! That IS the ticket!! : )
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Hello Heidi!

    Thanks for your comment and Happy Easter!


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