Thankful Thursday (4/10)

–I’m thankful for this past Saturday. I’m thankful that Scott led a cleaning venture that

had all of us cleaning up most of the day. The house definitely needed it, and it was really nice having us all work as a team.

–I’m thankful that I got sick this week–(actually helped me to get back on track, focus, and prioritize, since I’ve had no extra energy to waste!)

–I’m thankful that I’m not as sick and “bad off” as I feel, and that I will survive! -D (Bad sinuses/headache/fever/cold/allergies/flu-like symptoms, etc.)

–I’m grateful for the new “Puffs Plus Tissues with Vicks!” -D

–I thank the Lord for the encouragement of Christian friends!

–I’m thankful for “Bloggy Land” and all the wonderful people I meet!

–I thank the Lord for all the great homeschooling moms out there and for the wisdom, experience, information, tips, etc. that they share on-line.

–I’m thankful for the joy I have experienced while watching my daughter ride her bike without training wheels! (Why just yesterday, she was still swerving, wobbling, and falling. However, today, she’s riding like a pro!)

–I’m thankful for crock-pots! I put dinner in there before lunch today. Aren’t they wonderful inventions?! -D


**For more Thankful Thursday posts and participants, please visit Iris @ Sting My Heart.


3 Responses

  1. I am thankful for crockpots too and microwaves. It sure beats having to cook every meal over an open flame! 😆

    Amen, sister!!

  2. It’s a great time to be homeschooling. Isn’t it? I agree that there is so much help, encouragement, and advice available online now.

    Hi Shari,

    Thanks for dropping by! Yes, I’m especially thankful for online resources, since I don’t have anyone else in my family or church that homeschool. Just the other day, I gleaned a lot from an article on homeschooling that I found at the Crosswalk website.

    I got a glimpse of your blog–it looks really neat. I’ll have to stop back by again later.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better. There are few things worse than to have spring come while you’re busy being sick.

    Calaveras County CA

    Hey Marj, Thanks. It’s now Saturday, and I’m definitely feeling better than I was.

    Hey, I stopped by your blog, and left you a comment. I really like that phrase you used about being “energy challenged! LOL! I can identify!


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