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O.k., I’m a little behind on this meme, so I’m making an effort in this post to catch up a little.

At The Heart of the Matter, there have been themes from the last couple of weeks in which I did have things to add. In fact, I had even written them down, but just never had time to post them. Anyway, since I had something to contribute for both of these themes, and I think they’re both concerning important homeschooling issues, here goes:

From April 18th–“The Things My Child Taught Me…”

The kids have taught me:

  • that it’s not about me, but about them!
  • to model the behavior I want–be an example (don’t be slothful, procrastinating, impatient, cranky, etc.)
  • to take school time seriously and to make it a priority
  • that “school is ALWAYS in session!” The kids are constantly learning and are always watching!
  • __________________________________________________

    From April 25th–“Habits of a Happy Homeschooler”:

    The following is a list of habits, which I find are important for my family and me:

    1. Every morning, it is best if I have my time with the Lord first thing. I like to (at least) read Our Daily Bread devotional, the Bible selection, and pray before we start our day and our homeschooling time.

    2. I make general plans and schedules, while also “planning” to be FLEXIBLE!!

    3. I try to keep each student’s main supplies, workbooks, and materials in one place.

    4. I try not to answer the phone during school time.

    5. I try to sit down with the kids and focus just on school-work for the given amount of time.

    6. When the kids or I start to get frustrated, I often stop and pray with the kids.


    **I also believe that it is very important to not let myself be led by my feelings. I try to guard against giving into despair, self-pity, feelings of inadequacy, etc. When I start to get down, I review my reasons for homeschooling. I also pray, read my Bible, seek God, and seek Godly counsel and wisdom. Furthermore, I go to “seasoned” homeschooling moms for encouragement and guidance.


    O.k., now this week’s theme is “Favorite Books.” Unfortunately, it is getting late, so I will have to continue this in a day or so!

    Until next time, “Blessings and Happy Homeschooling!


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