Sarah’s First Plastic Card…

…her first library card, that is. What did you think I meant? What kind of fool do ya think I am?!

Yeah, the library card is quite enough for now! People are constantly saying to me, “Just think about what it will be like when Sarah goes to get her Driver’s License.” Instead, I think to myself, “Why would I want to think about that just yet?! Let me deal with the issues at hand first, please! If I think too far ahead, I might start to hyperventilate! (O.k., well not really, exactly, but it won’t help me handle the “now” any better!)”

As far as any other plastic goes, I’ll like it just fine if my kids never own a single credit card!


Anyway, yeah, Sarah was THRILLED!! I know…it’s so cute and sweet how the smallest, most trivial things that we take for granted mean so very much to a 6 yr. old, huh?! Sarah felt so much older and more important!

She actually could have gotten one a couple of years ago–I just never thought about it. However, today it finally occurred to me, when we were checking out books at our town library. I had been busy making summer plans, while the kids were on the computers and picking out their books. I had forgotten to put a limit on how many books the kids could check out, and I didn’t notice until we headed to the circulation desk. Each kid came staggering to the desk; struggling with huge piles of books. I can only get 20 books on my card, and it only took a quick glance to determine that my children had greatly exceeded the limit.

Thinking about how much Sarah LOVES to read and how quickly she “devours” the books from the library, I thought, “Perhaps I should see about getting Sarah her own card!” (Also, little Kerry is still in the initial learning phase of reading, and I need to have him working on it more.) The librarian informed me that if a student was at least Kindergarten-age that he/she could get their own card. Of course, I guess I used to know that and had just forgotten.

So, Sarah obtained her new card and was quite pleased. Kerry, however, was a little miffed and envious. I told him that he could get his own card next year. He still didn’t like it, but he was happy with his huge stack of books, (as long as I helped him carry them)!


4 Responses

  1. Janet-I remember being so excited when F got his first library card, too. Isn’t it fun? My kids fight at the grocery store to slide my debit card through the machine. I really hope they don’t have any when they grow up either, though. They are BAD! I wish F liked to read as much as Sarah, though!

    Yeah, it was really fun! Hey, I wish I had liked to read as much as Sarah (when I was that age!) She’s like her dad about that I suppose–he’s always loved to read. I have also tried to encourage this with Sarah, without turning her against it!

    So far, my son has been much tougher, but he is showing interest and does get excited about it at times. He’s just not quite as enthusiastic about it as Sarah, and he’s catching on to it slower.

  2. Congratulations to Sarah on getting her own library card! It’s hard to believe, but my daughter is almost at the stage where she’ll be getting her driver’s license. Anyhow, I hope Sarah gets a lot of good use out of her first “official” card. 🙂

    Thanks, Carol! Wow, I bet it is hard to believe that your daughter is almost at that D.L. stage–I’ll be keeping you in my prayers! 🙂

    It will be my turn one day too…

  3. That’s great! It’s wonderful that they enjoy reading and going to the library so much!

    Hi Cynthia! Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t exactly like that at that age, but I did eventually catch on to it!! …And yes, I am very glad about that with my kids, and I’m trying to encourage it without pushing too hard!

  4. Matthew also has a library card. He wants to use it
    all the time. He has tons of book at home, that he
    hasn’t even read yet, but he still wants to go to the lib-
    rary anyway. (What ever it takes to get him to read,
    is the way I look at it! lol ) .

    Love in Him.

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