Thankful Thursday (May 8th)

Thursday, May 8th


“So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever: we will shew forth thy praise to all generations.” –Psalms 79:13


I give thanks to God for:

–The miracle He has performed for my father-in-law, Kerry this week! Praise the Lord–God is good! I’m thankful that Kerry is doing well after his two procedures.

–Encouraging messages from Christian friends–Two sweet cards I’ve received this past week and a thoughtful, uplifting email.

–My kids and all the wonderful, fun things we get to do. I’m thankful that we have several educational, fun places that we can go to that are close by!

–The WONDERFUL gift of MUSIC! Even though I don’t sing nearly as much as I used to, I still thoroughly enjoy listening to different music. I continue to draw much comfort, peace, and joy from HIS Radio (on-line station)!

–His help, strength, and encouragement. I’m thankful that even when I do have “down times,” that they don’t last forever, and that I still have a peace “within the midst of the storm!”

–His love, His forgiveness, His grace, His mercy, and His redemption! I also thank God for all His many, many blessings! “Ain’t God Good?!”


**For more Thankful Thursday posts and participants, please visit Iris @ Sting My Heart.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Janet,

    Thank God indeed for His presence with us and giving us help, strength, and encouragement when we most need them. And yes, thank God that though we do have “down times,” they do not last forever, and that we still have a peace “within the midst of the storm!”

    Thank you for sharing your thankful heart with us. Thank God for His many blessings upon you.

    My thoughts are prayers are with you, sweet friend. May the joy of our Lord continue to be with you! God bless.

    Hello again, Nancie! You have been such an encouragement to me–I’m so glad that we’ve “met!” I enjoy your Thankful posts, and I’m now looking forward to them each week! Blessings, Janet

  2. Thanks for sharing your sweet blessings.

    Hi Denise! I love reading your Thankful list each week and “hearing” from you too! Blessings, Janet

  3. Hi Janet,
    I also am thankful for what God did for Kerry this week.
    How many miracles have we seen in the last few months. Getting up in the morning is a miracle for us all. You are an encourager with your website. May God continue to use you in every way.

    Thanks so much, Becky, my friend! You continue to be an encouragement to me! God has performed a miracle for you also, hasn’t He?! I don’t know if you or others know some of the details about Kerry’s miracle. I may be sharing more about that in another post.

    God Bless You!
    Love always,

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