“Just Around The River Bend…”

I can feel it–the anticipation is in the air. Good changes are coming my way. You’ve heard the saying “it’s darkest just before the dawn?” Well, my last post was about my most recent wilderness experience, and how I’ve been wandering around confused (with this heavy, dark cloud hanging over my head). However, it seems that almost as soon as I have finally admitted it (when things seem to have become the darkest), I suddenly feel a “turning point” coming. I’m finding a clearing in the thick, ominous forest, and I can scarcely see a path in the distance. A ray of sunshine is peeking through the heavy clouds.

No, it isn’t something that will answer all my prayers, fix all my problems, and suddenly make everything easy. However, I sense that my Lord is bringing about some changes that will bring back the hope, inspiration, and encouragement that I need to break free from this latest pit of despair. He always knows what I need and when I need it. He’s a good God, and He does care. He hasn’t left me alone in the wilderness to wander aimlessly. Instead, He’s been with me the whole time, and now He is pointing me toward the right path, which will put me back on track.


Right now, I can’t even describe to you what He’s been doing in my life this week. In fact, I have to be somewhere early this morning, so I will have to explain more later in posts to follow. All I can say for now is that I thank and praise God for all He continues to do in my life and for never leaving me abandoned!


If you are feeling alone and confused, please don’t despair. When you put your trust in Him, no matter how bad things may seem at the time, rest assured that He is always there. He is there and He is working in your life, even when you don’t see any evidence, just yet


**Note: See last post: Where Am I?


2 Responses

  1. Aren’t you glad God is not just a “fair weather” friend. He is there whether we’re on the mountain top or in the valley. He always has a purpose for those valley times in our lives, and If we’ll just continue to hold to His hand, we’ll make it through the valley.

  2. I sure am glad, Carol. I couldn’t make it otherwise!

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