Do Lightning Bugs Get Headaches?

Yesterday, I was out mowing the grass, when Sarah suddenly appeared in front of me. (Well, you know, not really…It just seemed that way.) I looked up and there was my little girl on the sidewalk, dressed in her cute little Winnie the Pooh “skort” and her blue and yellow flowered shirt. She was holding her jar of lightning bugs; gazing at them proudly and lovingly…


You see, Sunday night we had been over to my parents’ for Father’s Day, and Sarah caught a bunch of fireflies. Dad found her an old mason jar to house her collection. Then, Grandpa punched a few holes in the top of the jar and handed it to Sarah. However, he soon discovered that a couple of the openings were too large. The lightning bugs were managing to escape, so Sarah and her grandpa got some tiny sticks to plug up the larger places. Dad also showed Sarah how she could tap the jar or gently shake it so that the fireflies would fall back down.

Dad commented on his surprise that kids really haven’t changed that much. He told Sarah about how he too used to greatly enjoy capturing lightning bugs when he was a kid. Yep, Grandpa did, I did, and now Sarah.


So, anyway, yesterday morning Sarah was admiring and studying her collection. Then, she started screaming at them and singing to them “at the top of her lungs”…I mean serenading them. 😉 All the while, my little girl was shaking the jar vigorously, and beating tapping on the sides. 😀 A smile crept across my face, as I was suddenly struck by a strange and silly question: “Do lightning bugs get headaches?”

{If it seems like I have an odd sense of humor when it comes to such things, I suppose it partly comes from empathy (for the lightning bugs, that is). In this situation, I was picturing myself trapped in a small glass room, being constantly yelled at and thrashed about… Being one who frequently gets very bad headaches, this strange thought really made my head hurt!! Once again, I just couldn’t help but think, “Do lightning bugs get headaches?}

Well, I don’t really know the answer to that question, and I probably never will. In fact, I will always wonder… However, there is one thing I need not ever question, and this thought makes me smile for a different reason. One thing is for certain…I am blessed…yes, I am blessed.


Check out these photos of my cute “young-ins”–Sarah (with her firefly collection) and Kerry (wearing his favorite red cap):

Aren’t they a sweet sight?! How could I not feel blessed?!


**P.S. Sarah tends to be kind of “heavy handed,” loud, and boisterous (she is young yet...) At the same time, she is doting, motherly, loving, caring, and very affectionate. Sarah’s like a “mother hen,” and she’s been that way almost since “day one!” She’s just so sweet and cute to watch!

I LOVE the last photo of Sarah and Kerry sharing a laugh! They have a strong bond and are very close. Of course, like any siblings, they have their moments when they fight and argue. However, there’s still a lot of love there between them…Yep, a lot of love.


4 Responses

  1. My boys would LOVE lightening bugs! We don’t have any in our area, but we have bats that live under the gutter at the top of an apartment building behind us that we hear at night, and see dive bombing for bugs. 🙂

    Your kids are SO cute, Janet. How fun!

    Frances, Too funny about the bats! I guess the kids don’t go looking for them, huh?!

  2. I would be concerned if they do get headaches too.
    I remember catching lighting bugs when I was a
    little girl. There used to be so many! Now there aren’t
    too many at all. Actually, I haven’t seen any here in
    the Smithfield area that I’m in. Just one of God’s small
    creatures to admire.
    Those were great pictures of Kerry & Sarah.
    God Bless,

  3. Regina, I sure didn’t realize how many lightning bugs there were over at my dad’s the other day. I didn’t even notice them like Sarah did (or like I would have as a child, I guess!) I love that about kids that they can find wonder in so many little things in God’s creation!

  4. They are so precious. They seem like they get along well together! Her hair is so thick and pretty!! She is blessed with that. Catching lightening bugs….brings back so many memories. I was sitting outside the other night in our swing and just happened to see some for the first time in years…by that I mean I noticed them. They’re probably always there but I SAW them!

    Hey Gina,
    Well, you know, they’re like a lot of siblings. They get along really well sometimes, and then other times…

    Yeah, like I stated in my last response to a comment, I know what you mean about just NOTICING the lightning bugs! I’m guessing that’s why I haven’t seen them in more recent years…I just haven’t noticed them! We can learn a lot from children, huh?!
    Blessings, Janet

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