Bikes, Cowboys, and Kids

“Bikes, Cowboys, and Kids”…Wordless Wednesday 7/02



4 Responses

  1. Sweet! I like the T-shirt (when mommy says no) isn’t that the truth!

    Hi Sukhmandir,

    Yes, that often is the truth! Actually, to be honest, in this case, it’s the other way around! My daughter got this shirt from her cousin (and for her it is the truth!) For Sarah though, Daddy tends to be the one who says “No” the most!

  2. what a cute set of photos. 🙂 cute cute cute!
    happy WW!

    Thanks Corey! Happy WW to you as well!

  3. Beautiful children…

    Hey, Can I join? My birthday is July 21, and I am sure I am older than all of you.

    Hi Barb! Great to “hear” from you again! I think you were referring to the birthday wishes post that is after this one…and sure, you are welcome to join! Happy Birthday in advance! Blessings, Janet

    P.S. Oh, I see you made comment to this post also (sorry, duh)! Thanks, those kiddos are pretty great, huh?!

  4. I love to look at pictures. Especially the ones of your
    family. Please keep them coming.

    Love Ya,

    Yep, I don’t know if everyone enjoys them, but as you can tell, I love to share them!

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