More Birthday Wishes…

Our Family Birthdays in July:

July 1st–Lisa (My sister-in-law; Scott’s sister; She probably doesn’t want me to announce her age…even though she’s younger than Scott and I.)

July 5th–Johnny (My brother; he’s also younger than us, but still might prefer me not mention his age!)

July 7th–Gracie (Our dog…yes, she’s family too! She’ll be 3 yrs. old!)

July 23rdSarah (Our “baby?” girl…She will be 7 yrs. old!)


Happy Birthday to you all!!


**Note: Of course there will be some more detailed July birthday posts and dedications to follow!


4 Responses

  1. We keep track of “Burrito’s” age, too. He and “Gracie” are close in age, as he just turned 3 on April 1st. They ARE members of the family, and we always have cupcakes on his birthday. Lol.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yep, they are truly members of the family! Blessings, Janet

  2. Happy birthday to everyone! We also celebrate our fur-babies’ birthdays.

    Hi Lori! Thanks! Yep, I’m learning there are many others out there who celebrate “fur-babies'” birthdays!

  3. It seems like there are alot of birthdays in the month
    of July……………………

    Clayton’s oldest son, Edward (from his 1st marriage)
    his birthday was July 5th. He’s 36.
    Clayton & I’s wedding anniversary is July 18th ( I
    thought that I’d add that one in). We will be
    married for 21 years.
    Clayton’s birthday is July 21st. He will be 59. ( I don’t
    think he’d mind if I told everyone that. ) lol
    And Clayton’s grand daughter, Jiah, her birthday is
    also on July 21st. She will be 5 years old.

    Love in Him,

  4. Regina, Congrats in advance on your wedding anniversary…21 yrs…that’s awesome! Happy Birthday to Edward, Clayton, and Jiah also! That’s so neat that Clayton and his grand-daughter share the same birthday!

    Blessings, Janet

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