My “Little” Bro

Tomorrow, July 5th, is my brother Johnny’s birthday. He’s my younger brother, but I suppose he’s not so “little” anymore (not in age, size, or maturity). Yep, it’s been hard for me to get used to the idea, but I think it’s finally starting to sink in! He’s been married a few years now, and he’s the proud daddy of 2 wonderful kiddos of his own. Johnny’s smart and a hard worker, and he’s been quite successful in his work too.

I don’t have any current pictures of him, but these old ones are much more fun anyway! -D I’m sure he won’t mind, and if he does I’m sure he will find a way to get me back! ;-)


This is a picture of Johnny and I when he was just a baby. If you’ve seen pictures of Sarah and Kerry together, this might look a little familiar!


This is a picture of Johnny not long before he started school. Doesn’t he look cute, sweet, and innocent?! Don’t be fooled–ha, ha!! His favorite phrase as a teenager was “…Trust me.” Mom, Dad, and I used to cringe when we heard those words!


I think the following picture really brings out the “sneakiness” the most. (Yep, he may really get me for this one!! -D ) I think this might have been in the late 70’s to very early 80’s. What do you think? ;-)


Seriously though, I love you “little” bro.

Happy Birthday!!

May God bless you and your family always is my prayer!


5 Responses

  1. That last pic was just wrong…I will have to see what pics I can find 🙂

    Love you Johnny

    Uh-oh…uh, what kind of pics? Scott warned me about something like this! -D

    Hey, but this post got my 1st comment out of ya, huh?!

    Love you too, Janet

  2. P.S. Johnny,

    So, now you can’t say I’ve never said anything good about you…it’s even in writing! 😉 Of course, you know I had to balance out all that sweet, sappy, serious stuff with a little humor! 🙂

  3. LOVIN’ the Johnny pics! Can’t wait to see more!! haha!

    Love and miss you guys!!!!!!!!
    Cuzn’ Tiff

  4. Hey Cuzn’ Tiff! How AWESOME is this…getting a comment from you!

    I know, right…the Johnny pics ARE great, huh?! Yep, I may have to scrounge around here and find some more! My photos aren’t too organized lately, so it may take a little while!

    Johnny was threatening to find some embarrassing pics of me. I said he wouldn’t be able to find them. Then I thought of the pics Mom and Dad have…I said I knew Mom would “sell me out” in a quick second!

    Love and miss you all too! Blessings always, Cuzn’ Janet

  5. What a great family, that I’m proud & honored to know.
    I feel like I’ve known all of you all my life.
    Those were great pictures. I hope to see more.
    (Not to be getting anyone in trouble. lol Or
    starting anything) lol
    May God Bless each & everyone always,

    That’s so sweet Regina…what you stated about feeling like you’ve known all of us your whole life. I like to try for that quality in my posts, and I like for people to feel welcome and comfortable (you know…”at home”) here, at my little blog!

    This past Sat., Johnny was still saying he would be looking for more pics… So, you may be seeing more real soon! Love, Janet

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