“A Dog’s Day of Summer”

Today, July 7th is our dog’s birthday. Her name is Gracie, and she is 3 yrs. old. She became part of our family at less than 6 wks. old, and she only weighed about 5.5 lbs.

I remember quite well the day we went to pick out Gracie from a litter of at least 8 pups. Within a few moments I knew without a doubt which puppy was the “one.” Not only was she one of the cutest and prettiest, but Gracie was also alert, friendly, outgoing, and loving. Many of the puppies seemed to either want to be left alone or they were just too timid and scared to let any of us get close. They would just run away and hide instead. A couple also seemed very sleepy and disinterested.

…But not Gracie. In fact, she seemed just as drawn to me as I was to her. She LOVED to be held and petted, and she didn’t seem timid or scared at all. Yet, she also wasn’t hyper, and she seemed to have a “gentle” spirit. There was just an instant bond and connection between us, like we understood each other. (Many “dog” and “animal” people may understand this phenomenon. For the rest of you…you’ll just have to “take my word for it!” -D )

So, next thing you know, Lisa (my sister-in-law) was bringing us little Gracie in a shoe-box. She’s been a great, delightful dog, just like I knew she would be. We’ve had a wonderful 3 yrs. with her, and we look forward to and hope for many more!

Happy Birthday, Gracie Girl!!


My niece Heather with little Gracie

My niece Rachel with Gracie


Recently, the kids played “dress up” with Gracie. She didn’t care for the cowgirl hat, but the treats were hard to resist!


For the first time, we had a little birthday party for Gracie this morning. My daughter Sarah just insisted! The kids and Gracie really enjoyed it. (Well, I don’t think Gracie liked the birthday hat, but she sure enjoyed her muffin with yogurt!)

Muffin w/vanilla yogurt (on kitchen chair)



If Gracie could talk, this is what she’d say:

“The things I do for these kids…you know, my little humans. I mean, this is just embarrassing!

That muffin sure does look tasty, though!”


7 Responses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRACIE! “Burrito” says “Aarrfff” (hi).

    Gracie says “Aarrfff” too! (Well, actually she hardly ever “speaks” or barks, but this time she’ll make an exception!)

  2. Awww…she’s a doll! Happy birthday to Gracie!

    Hi Lori! Thanks!

  3. Happy Birthday Gracie! She seems like such a sweet dog and I’m so glad she has a great home!!

    Thanks, Gina! Blessings to you!

  4. Happy Birthday Gracie. My birthday is in July too.



    Tuffy, I’ve just been over to your blog…It’s GREAT–I love it!

    Don’t be a stranger! Love, Gracie

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Gracie! There is something about dogs in particular that just seem to add something special to a home. We got our dog about 5 and a half years ago and just love her to pieces. She is hilarious too at Christmas and on her birthday, because she LOVES to open present. Anytime she sees a wrapped gift, she gets excited and assumes it is for her. She will paw at and chew on the gift wrap until the gift is open. Too funny!

    Thanks, Carol! Love what you shared about your dog…too cute!

  6. Pets are truly a blessing. They sure add comfort &
    warmth to any home. And by the looks of those
    cute pictures, Gracie does at that, & more.
    God Bless.

    Hey Regina! Gracie has even encouraged Kerry with his reading lately! Kerry wants to learn how to read, so he can read bed-time stories to Gracie (like Sarah often does)!

  7. Oh how cute! I will have to put a post on someday about our little Stormie. She is about as spoiled as your Gracie I think, LOL. 🙂

    Hey Kathy, yeah I don’t think I spoil Gracie too much, but my hubby says otherwise! LOL!
    In some ways, yeah, I guess I do. She is a real sweetie though!

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