Kids, Cousins, and Photo Fun

I’ve been meaning to share some cute photos from my brother Johnny’s birthday party. I’m so glad I remembered to take my camera this time. I had fun, and I got some great snapshots of the kiddos and their cousins.


Here’s one of the play rooms at Uncle Johnny and Aunt Brenda’s. They have set up some fun tunnels and tents for the kiddos.

And here’s the little crew of cousins…

Eli, Sarah, Kerry, and Ally.

Kerry and Ally are peeking out of the tent.

Sarah and Ally…also playing peek-a-boo.

A close-up of my niece Ally (she’s 4):

Here’s Kerry checking out my nephew’s drum set.

Here’s my nephew, Eli (he’s 2).

In this photo, Eli’s saying, “Come get the ball, Aunt Janet…Hee, Hee, Hee!” -D

Eli’s saying, “Just so you know, you’re not getting it!”

“I may be smiling…but, yep, you guessed it. You’re still not getting it!!” ;-)


One Response

  1. Looks like the kids had a great time at Uncle Johnnys’ .
    It’s so nice when families get together. There’e not
    much of that any more. But truly a blessing when
    they do! Great family photos! Thank you for sharing
    May God Bless always,

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