So It Begins…

…that is, the 2008-2009 school year has begun. The public school kids (around here) started back this past Monday, Aug. 25th. Today, (Wed., Aug. 27th) the kids and I started back on our homeschooling adventure. Yes, School of Daily Provision has officially begun its third year.

Well, I actually have to go for now…not much to add yet anyway. However, there will be many more posts to come. Hope and pray everyone has a wonderful school year!!


One Response

  1. So far, so good! There has been alittle mess up on
    the school bus schedule, but other than that, it
    hasn’t been too bad. I’m praying that this year will be
    better for Matthew. And his reading needs will be
    met. Which by the way, I hope that Kerry is con-
    tinuing to improve on his reading skills.
    Have a great day in the Lord.

    Regina, I’ll also be praying for Matthew…glad the year has gotten off to a pretty good start. Yes, Kerry is definitely improving on his reading…his attitude however, still needs some major work! (Some days still get really tough.) So, I’ll also be praying for the kids and I, and you can feel free to do the same!

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