Happy in Hats

Well, since I’ve been on the subject of my little boy, and it’s still his birthday… I thought I’d share some more pics. Of course, I also just think they’re cute!


My little Kerry loves hats. He’s already had several favorites. When Kerry decides upon a favorite, he literally wants to wear it all day, every day. Lately, we can easily find Kerry in any crowd because he’s always wearing his red cap (the current fave).

Here’s a few pics of his different hats:


One of little Kerry’s first hats:

Little Kerry’s prized fireman hat…He wore it every day for months until it got smashed (which was a very sad day for our family ;-) ).

Kerry’s first cowboy hat–He was a cowboy for Halloween and for many days thereafter. Unfortunately, this hat also “bit the dust” after a while…And yes, this was another SAD day.

A hat like Daddy’s–This is a hat his Daddy got him. Scott had one just like it, so of course, Kerry liked it.

Kerry’s 2nd cowboy hat–Can’t ya tell little Kerry just knows he’s cute?!

His Latest Fave–Little Kerry wears this red cap so much it’s almost like he’s unrecognizable without it! He’s loves this hat from any angle, as long as it’s on his head. He likes to wear it sideways, backwards, and frontwards for variety.


**Note: Other “hats” not pictured include plastic bowls, laundry baskets, waste baskets, buckets, Easter baskets, and large tin cans! -D

If you’ve been ’round my boy much, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of these “creative” hats…so you know what I’m talking about!


5 Responses

  1. Janet, I have been tagged and therefore I have tagged you. Check out my blog for details. Have a great weekend.

  2. Janet, My grandson is totally the opposite, He absolutely hates anything on his head. We have tried to get him to wear hats but to no avail. He did however wear a hat when his kindergarten class went to the Fresno Zoo. We were all in shock. He left it on all day but as soon as they got on the bus to come home off it came. I do believe he only wore it because his teacher suggested that all the students wear one because it was so hot out and also because all of his class mates were wearing hats.

  3. CUTE! Love the pics!

  4. Adorable! He is so cute through the years in his hats.

  5. I just love the picture of him with his second cowboy hat on…that would melt the hardest heart!

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