Photos from Classical Conversations

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to write about our new Classical Conversations (CC) group (for Christian home-schoolers). (We’ve added the CC program as a supplement to our homeschooling curriculum this year.) The kids go to CC every Thursday, and they LOVE it! Sarah and Kerry have classes of 6-8 students where they learn History, Geography, Science, Fine Arts, Grammar, a little Math, and even a little Latin! Kerry is in the introductory class for five yr. olds with Mrs. Keturah, and Sarah is in the next age group for 6-7 yr. olds with Mrs. Jenn. In this main class, they study History, Geography, Grammar, Math, and Latin. The students go to 2 other classes, which include Fine Arts with Mrs. Donna and Science with Mrs. Barbara.

Well, since I still don’t have an abundance of time to tell you more about the program, I thought I would show you. (Most of the photos below are of Mrs. Keturah’s class, so there are lots of pictures of Kerry, and not so many of Sarah. There will be more photos to come). Anyway, here’s a few pics of the CC classes:


Mrs. Keturah’s Class–Kerry is the tall one who is wearing the red cap.



You can’t see all of Kerry’s face in this photo. However, yes, he’s the one in the red cap.



In this photo, I think Mrs. Keturah may be teaching the kids how to skip-count. (I didn’t take these pics, but often I’m observing the classes.) You may also be able to make out the U.S. map (with the red stars), which is behind the teacher. The students are learning five states and capitols each week, and the red stars are for the capitols.



Fine Arts class with Mrs. DonnaIn this first shot, Kerry and his buddies/class-mates are learning about different shapes that can be used in art. (As you can see, little Kerry is concentrating hard!)



This photo shows my Sarah and her class-mate, Samuel. Their teacher, Mrs. Jenn is assisting them with making baskets.



Below is another pic of Kerry in Art class. This particular day, the students were learning a little about history, and then using it in their art. In this picture, Kerry is making a covered wagon.



There will be more CC information, details, and photos to come. Again, if you are interested in CC, you may check it out at their website, here.

**Note: The kids and I are really enjoying the CC program as a supplement to our homeschooling. The lessons are presented in a really fun way, and the curriculum includes some subject matter that I haven’t been able to introduce or cover with them yet. Also, the kids have the opportunity to learn from other teachers (still in a Christian environment and with very small classes). In addition, the kids make friends whom they are able to see regularly. (My kiddos especially enjoy their social time at lunch and out-door play-time!)


5 Responses

  1. I loved the last picture. He is adorable!

  2. Lisa, you always say that! It’s like you L-O-V-E him or something! (LOL!) I guess a cute nephew can do that to his aunt, huh?!

  3. All parents want to give the best for their child, and, of course, to protect their offspring from the mischiefs of the world outside home. That’s why some parents decide to educate their children at home, instead of letting them to school.
    Is it worth to protect your child from the world, knowing, that sooner or later he will have to face it? Does homeschooling give a full learning experience and can serve instead of school? Vote and tell us –

  4. I haven’t had a lot of time lately to respond to comments. However, I feel I must address the wrong assumptions about homeschooling in the article at:

    For more on what I have to say concerning this article, please visit the link above and/or my most recent post.

    Also, please do your research before jumping to conclusions.

  5. Such great pictures! Thanks for posting, and for sharing your thoughts about the above link on home schooling. I would also invite you to visit the blog of Leigh Bortins, CC Founder, at, for more insights, links, and connection to other like-minded parents.

    Keep up the great work!


    Hey, thanks! I took a quick look at Leigh Bortins’ blog, and I will be back later to browse more.

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