Wrong Assumptions About Homeschooling

I am writing this post in response to the following article at:


There are some assumptions made about homeschooling that are totally incorrect. The couple of paragraphs prior to the voting poll describe disadvantages of both public schools and homeschooling. The following is stated concerning homeschooling:

On the other hand, homeschooling has disadvantages as well. Children, who are educated at home, usually have less friends and may have communication and socialization problems later. Moreover, parents have to be education professionals, if they want their child to get the same amount of knowledge, as he would get at school. And even if you hire home teacher, it would be hard to give the child everything, that school can; for example, excursions, possibility to compete with classmates, participate in sports team, debate club, cooking or craft lessons…


Personally, I have to strongly disagree with the entire paragraph above. I know that there are statistics on homeschooling that also show the fallacies in these perceptions. (I may add and cite some of these later.) For now, I will respond to each assumption from my own experience:

(1) One would be hard-pressed to find a kid with any more friends than my Sarah. Anyone who has even met my daughter knows this to be true. Sarah’s one of the most out-going, confident, friendly kiddos I’ve ever seen.

(2) I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Education…not Teaching Education, specifically. I’ve taken many teaching education courses though. I’ve also worked in the public school system for 5 yrs. (which has greatly affected my view of public education).

However, I do not evaluate my ability to teach and guide my children based on my education and professional experience. Furthermore, I do not believe that parents have to be educational professionals to teach their children. I believe that homeschooling is a calling from God. When God calls a person to do something, He equips him/her to fulfill that task. (There are many examples in the Bible of God equipping people to fulfill extraordinary callings. God also tells us in His Word that He will help parents to instruct and guide their children. In addition, all parents have a God-given responsibility to protect, nurture, and teach their children.)

(3) The kids have the opportunity to participate in several field trips with our local homeschool group. This group also offers many different clubs, sports, and activities. My children also attend Classical Conversations that offers various classes, field trips, and activities.

Sarah is 7, and she has played soccer with our town for two years. She has also played t-ball with our homeschool group and my niece’s church. In addition, this year, Sarah will be playing basketball and softball. My son, Kerry is 5, and he will play t-ball this spring. In a couple of years, Kerry will be playing baseball.

The kids have had several chances to do arts and crafts as well. They have participated in church art/craft contests and homeschool exhibitions. Sarah and Kerry also attend a class in arts and crafts every Thursday. Of course, we also do arts, crafts, and even cooking at home. My daughter never lets me neglect these areas because she loves them so much!


Anyway, I don’t care for the mistaken conclusions mentioned in the article. However, I do appreciate the voting poll. I also LOVE the results! So far, the results are as follows:

89.47% think homeschooling is an excellent idea, while only 10.53% think otherwise.


3 Responses

  1. Well said! I think that people who make these assumptions about homeschooling don’t actually know anything about homeschooling. Besides that, if the author was a student in public schools, he or she obviously did not have very good writing instruction! There are plenty of mistakes, including misuse of commas, in that article. Oh well, we do what we do because we know it is the best regardless of what some may think!

    Amen to that, Cynthia! I especially like the last sentence. We can’t let ourselves be concerned with what others think! Of course, if we were overly worried about others’ opinions, we probably wouldn’t be homeschooling!

    There has been a lot of response on the site of the article. I know it’s just because most of us are so passionate about what we do!

  2. AMEN! I am right with you on your responses to whomever wrote this article. I think people that don’t have a clue really think homeschoolers are LOCKED UP in their houses, are not allowed to even SPEAK to other kids or adults for that matter, and….well, it drives me crazy! My kids are just as SOCIALIZED as your’s and they need to really research what homeschooling is like today.

    Keep up the great work, Janet! You are a great teacher!

  3. Thanks so much, Frances! Very good point about some people thinking that “homeschoolers are LOCKED UP in their houses”…how very untrue!

    As I mentioned in my last response, I know there’s been a lot of response to this article because most of us are so passionate about what we do.

    Thanks for your encouragement also!

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