“Beauty and the Beast”

I thought I would share some Halloween fun with you all. This is a series of pics I like to call “Beauty and the Beast.” Hope you enjoy these photos of the kids’ costumes. )


Below is “Beauty.” Sarah dressed as a princess this Halloween. Whenever anyone would see Sarah in her costume, she would tell them that her name matches her costume. She would explain how the name “Sarah” means “princess.” This is true, by the way. (Oh, also you may notice some changes since Sarah’s last photos. She’s had another hair-cut, and she’s lost both front teeth!)

Here’s a closeup of “Beauty”:


Here’s my “Beauty,” posing for the camera:


Below is “Beast.” Kerry went as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween this year. I didn’t want the kids to dress as anything scary, gruesome, ghoulish, devilish, or demonic, etc. Well, Kerry likes the Hulk, partially because he’s tough and a little scary. (However, I chuckle to myself, since it’s very difficult for my Kerry to look scary! He’s just TOO cute! -D ) Of course, in addition, Kerry LOVES all the superheroes, and at least the Hulk IS really a good guy too!

Here’s Hulk showing off his huge muscles:


Here’s the “Beast” from the side. (I think he’s getting ready to punch a bad guy or something.)


I just LOVE this last photo. This one is from a few photos of the kids pretending to dance. These make me think of “Beauty and the Beast” in the movie, as they’re dancing. Of course, in this photo, the Hulk certainly doesn’t look very “beast-like!” The mask has come off, and the true “cutie-pie” has been revealed! ;-)

Aren’t they both darling?


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Don’t eat too much leftover candy! -D

**P.S. Oh, by the way, Scott and I learned an important tip for the adults. If you don’t want to put on extra pounds at Halloween, buy candy that you don’t really like! -D


2 Responses

  1. They are absolutely gorgeous! I hope they had a great halloween! I’ll send some pics of Bailey sometime soon too! SO CUTE! Lovin’ these kids! Love you guys!

  2. Hey Cousin Tiff,

    I LOVE getting messages from you…so great when you leave me a comment on my blog! Can’t wait to see the pics of Bailey.

    Love you all too, and keep in touch!

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