Pitiful Pooch…

…on Wordless Wednesday


On a beautiful fall day, 2-3 months back, I snapped these photos of my Gracie Girl:



–Gracie says, “Sure is a nice day…might be nice to go outside.”



“…Yep, it’s a nice one alright. If somebody really loved me, I guess they’d let me out.”



Gracie’s still not amused: “Yes, Mom, I know you’re still there…outside…waving around your silly little black box. I’m choosing to ignore you now.”



“Aww, a hug from the boy…at least someone cares.”



“Ooh, I just have to steal a kiss…I can’t resist my little human. Hey…maybe he will let me out!”




2 Responses

  1. VERY cute pictures. 🙂

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