Not Just One…

…but TWO days of fun!! Yep, two days of fun in the snow…the kids have been lovin’ it! (…And yes, if it seems like we’re making a big deal, it’s because we DO live in the South. ))


Well, anyway, here’s some snow pics for Wordless Wednesday: (I’ll try not to use many words.)










O.k., I just have to make a comment about this last one. These are the miniature “Snow people,” Larry and LuLu. Aren’t they cute?! ) Yeah, I know…more like…they’re kind of “lame.” Very sad…indeed. I’m in dire need of some lessons on how to make a proper snowman! ;-) However, these DO make for a more comical picture, and I find them much more entertaining! -D





2 Responses

  1. those tiny snow kids are just vaweseom!!!

    • Gee…you’re the only one who’s said that…Thanks! 🙂 You must have an “eye for TRUE art!” 😉

      Have a great day! Blessings, Janet

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