The Learning Never Stops

This morning we had one of the best homeschooling times in a while.  The kids were both excited about learning some entirely new things.  Sarah started working on cursive writing, and she was glad to see it’s not nearly as difficult as she once thought.  Several times, Sarah wrote out all the letters of the alphabet in cursive, and she was extremely proud of her accomplishment.  (Sarah sees me writing in my prayer journal most every morning…She’s very enthusiastic about being able to decipher “Mommy’s secret code!!”  I say, “Whatever works!!” ;-) )

Besides reading, Kerry worked on telling time and naming the days of the week.  This was not the first time he’d been introduced to “week days”  before, but this was the first time I had specifically questioned him about reading the clock.  I was amazed at how I didn’t even have to explain the basic hours to Kerry.  It seems he had already picked it up from me working with Sarah, and he had figured it out!  Yay!! 🙂

It’s always nice when they’re eager to learn something new.  Of course, they may not be excited about everything, but I can sure appreciate when they are.  In general, I’m also trying to keep my attitude in check…how I introduce lessons, how I react to the kids, etc.  I’m teaching every moment, whether purposely, or not.  My attitude towards learning certainly teaches them something…I intend to be more careful about what that “something” is…exactly.  🙂


To all you homeschooling moms out there:  Happy Homeschooling and God Bless!! 🙂


One Response

  1. Hi Janet,

    I’m glad to hear about your good homeschooling day. It’s always exciting when you see the lights come on(especially with little or no struggle). Keep on pressing on.


    Amen! Thanks, Carol! 🙂

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