Status Updates…

…What we’ve been up to lately…if you care to know!! ;-) -D


Well, last week and this past Saturday, I REALLY started getting carried away with Facebook. I still like it, but in the last three days or so, I have put some time limits on myself. I’ve added some guidelines about when to use it, how often, length of visits, etc. (It can just “eat up” WAY too much time, if I’m not careful!)

Anyway, one thing that I do really like about it though, that doesn’t take a lot of time, are the “Status Updates.” It’s just a line or two, typed “in the moment” about what one is doing…a snippet…a verbal snapshot of part of a day. I’ve found I enjoy doing these, and they’re as much or more for me than anyone else. Each update is like a piece of the puzzle of what life is currently about for my family and I. These little blurbs can be simple, everyday stuff; maybe even slightly boring to some. I like to focus on some of the positive moments of the day and try to put a little humor in whenever possible.


Since it can also be difficult to keep this blog updated, I thought I would share some “Status Updates.” (These are especially for those of you who want to know and aren’t on Facebook). Here’s a few recent ones from the past several days:


Today (Tues., 2/3/09):

9:13am Janet ‘s off to exercise before school…jammin’ to lively praise songs with the kiddos! :).

12:00pm Janet ‘s working w/Sarah on a huge “Family Tree” diagram…for our “Thurs. School” presentation.

12:35pm Janet ‘s multi-tasking…still workin’ on that “juggling act” thing! Oops…ouch…things…falling!! I’ll get back to ya! :).


Yesterday (Mon., 2/2):

12:25pm Janet ‘s fighting a pesky virus…bombarding it with Vit.C, positive thinking, & prayer! Don’t want it getting comfy!! :).

6:12pm Janet ‘s turning off this computer…ha, ha!! Now, for some quality time w/hubby & the youngin’s! :).


Sun., 2/1:

3:06pm Janet had a great Sun. morn. at church…very uplifting! Now I’m at Scott’s parents, celebrating my niece, Rachel’s b-day…Can’t believe she’s 10!!


Sat., Jan. 31st:

12:52pm Janet is listening to MercyMe’s “So Long Self,” while cleaning and watching the kiddos play kickball in the backyard. :).

3:10pm Janet is enjoying the good life…listening to Dierks Bentley’s “Free & Easy…,” watching Daddy tickle giggly kiddos, and pettin’ my “dawg.” :).

7:48pm Janet is eating popcorn and watching Tom and Jerry with the kiddos! :).


Fri., Jan. 30th:

1:02pm Janet is having a weird day…but “Hey, it’s o.k., it’s Friday!” Yay! 🙂 (Can you pick out all the rhyming words?! 🙂 Little Kerry’s working on those!)

Thurs., Jan. 29th:

6:48am Janet is packing lunches and getting ready for our day at Classical Conversations (CC or as the kiddos call it…”Thursday School”).

8:06pm Janet is back from my Sarah Beth’s basketball game. She was very excited…they won 18 to 10…Woo-Hoo! :).


Wed. Jan. 28th:

9:31am Janet is getting “pumped up” spiritually with some praise songs first (while cooking, cleaning, preparing lessons, feeding the dog, washing laundry, etc.)! :).

9:35am Janet is thinking, “It’s a crazy, hectic, beautiful…wonderful life!!” Have a blessed day, everybody! :).

1:24pm Janet didn’t make it to the gym…So the kids and I did a Taebo workout tape. I said “Don’t EVEN!” when the kids tried to complain!:) If I can TRY it, they can!:).
Tues., Jan. 27th:

12:53pm Janet is taking a quick lunch break from schooling, cooking, cleaning, etc. I’ve been up since 4:30am (Scott needed help waking up so early). Yep, I’m feeling it now.

6:36pm Janet just finished up w/dinner dishes & clean-up…boring stuff, but necessary. A-h-h, now I’m going to sit down with the “FAM” and relax! :).
**Of course the above doesn’t tell you “the half of it,” but it does give you a glimpse into our little household.  Like I said, “It’s a crazy, hectic, beautiful…wonderful life!!”

Happy and healthy living to each of you…and blessings always! )


3 Responses

  1. Janet-my cousin described FaceBook as the “crack” of the internet. It is SO addicting. I, too, have to put limits on myself. But isn’t it great for keeping in touch with people?

    • Hey Frances, great hearing from you again! Glad you’re on FB too! 🙂 Yep, it IS a great way to keep in contact w/everybody! I’ve joked ’bout how addicting it is too… Seriously though, it’s nice & all, but don’t want to get TOO carried away with anything but my Jesus!! 🙂 Love ya girl, Janet

  2. That last comment was from me, Frances. 😀

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