Gallops and Goals…

…Horse Camp — 6/29-7/03:


Sarah, along w/ her cousin Rachel, attended Gallops and Goals Horse Camp all this week.

Of course, Sarah has enjoyed herself immensely!  Here are a few pics for now (believe me, there are dozens more!) :


Sarah saddling Sugar. Can you see the excitement in Sarah’s face?!

It’s not that noticeable, is it?! 🙂

Sarah leading Sugar. Looks like Sugar’s talkin’ to her! 🙂

Sarah riding Sugar.

My niece Rachel, w/ her favorite riding horse, Honey.

Rachel has been taking lessons for the last 2-3 months now.

Little Kerry didn’t attend the camp, but he even got to ride a little on the last day!

Kerry is riding Shorty w/ a western saddle.

(I think it’s so cute how Kerry prepared himself for this

and made sure he wore his cowboy hat and boots! 🙂 )

Kerry on Shorty (led by Cameron) and Sarah on Sugar.


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