Today at HomeScholars…

Today, Kerry had a Thanksgiving party at HomeScholars Academy. (Every Tuesday at HomeScholars, he attends classes in Art, Spanish, and Music.) Check out today’s pics from HomeScholars…These photos are from his Spanish class and his Thanksgiving party:

Here’s Kerry, doing his Spanish written work:


Working with these students is Bessie Brantley, who teaches Spanish.


**{Other teachers not pictured are Traci Brantley (HSA owner/Art teacher) and Honey Beth Wiggs (Music teacher)}


Austin and Kerry

(Kerry tells me that they are BFF or best friends forever 🙂 )


Most of the “crew” :


Thanksgiving craft: A thankful tree w/ blessings written on the leaves:Pictured are several of the things Kerry’s thankful for: God, Family, Friends, Food, Earth, Clothes, Shoes, and Our House.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

**Note: If you are interested in HomeScholars Academy, have questions, or want more info.,etc., check out this link to the website:

HomeScholars Academy



Our Anniversary

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary…Scott and I have been married 13 yrs. (We first met about 23 yrs. ago.)  We had a wonderful anniversary.  We actually went out to dinner last night…just the two of us!! (Neither of us could remember the last time we’d done that, but we know it’s been years!! 🙂 Can you believe that?! )

I’m very thankful for my husband, for our life together, and for our family.


Scott, I love you, and I’m forever yours!!