Our Visit To The Zoo

This trip to the NC Zoo in Asheboro was a couple of weeks ago (7/25/09). We went with Scott’s cousin Phillip and his family.  Of course, I took LOTS of photos, but I’ll just share a few here:


Hubby Scott and little Kerry.
1st animal we got to see.
I love this shot of Mother and baby!! 🙂
This lion sure is enjoying “something.” (Glad that something wasn’t my leg!) =-)
I love this shot of the bear. It was an extremely hot day…I love the way he’s just hangin’ round in the water.
Love this shot of the polar bear too and the very blue water.
Otter taking a rest from swimming. See how sleek he looks.
Daddy holding Kerry up for a better look. 🙂
There was a statue of an elephant that the kids wanted to get up on for photos. Here’s Kerry, Sarah, Rebecca, and Christopher. (Rebecca and Christopher are Phillip and Gloria’s kids…Phillip is Scott’s cousin from the beach.) The kids had such a great time getting together!
(These last shots were taken w/ Sarah’s little digital camera…we took turns.)
Rebecca…ain’t she cute?! 🙂
Here, the kids were starting to look rather tired.
Here’s a tip…take pics of people at the VERY beginning. Ya know…BEFORE they’ve walked around all day in a 100 degree weather!! =-)
Scott just thinks he’s SOOOO funny!

Gallops and Goals…

…Horse Camp — 6/29-7/03:


Sarah, along w/ her cousin Rachel, attended Gallops and Goals Horse Camp all this week.

Of course, Sarah has enjoyed herself immensely!  Here are a few pics for now (believe me, there are dozens more!) :


Sarah saddling Sugar. Can you see the excitement in Sarah’s face?!

It’s not that noticeable, is it?! 🙂

Sarah leading Sugar. Looks like Sugar’s talkin’ to her! 🙂

Sarah riding Sugar.

My niece Rachel, w/ her favorite riding horse, Honey.

Rachel has been taking lessons for the last 2-3 months now.

Little Kerry didn’t attend the camp, but he even got to ride a little on the last day!

Kerry is riding Shorty w/ a western saddle.

(I think it’s so cute how Kerry prepared himself for this

and made sure he wore his cowboy hat and boots! 🙂 )

Kerry on Shorty (led by Cameron) and Sarah on Sugar.

How Could I Resist?

Well, I haven’t shared any puppy pics for a while, and today, I just couldn’t resist this one:

funny pictures of puppies with captions

Pitiful Pooch…

…on Wordless Wednesday


On a beautiful fall day, 2-3 months back, I snapped these photos of my Gracie Girl:



–Gracie says, “Sure is a nice day…might be nice to go outside.”



“…Yep, it’s a nice one alright. If somebody really loved me, I guess they’d let me out.”



Gracie’s still not amused: “Yes, Mom, I know you’re still there…outside…waving around your silly little black box. I’m choosing to ignore you now.”



“Aww, a hug from the boy…at least someone cares.”



“Ooh, I just have to steal a kiss…I can’t resist my little human. Hey…maybe he will let me out!”



“The Inside Track”

O.k., I just think this is so cute and hilarious that I have to pass it on! Oh, and I also want to say, there’s only FIVE days until Christmas! If I don’t see ya back here before then… MERRY CHRISTMAS!! -D


I’ve always heard it helps to know…someone on the inside of an operation:


**You can find the above pic and more at LOLCATS. (You can also personalize a free eCard! -D )

Doggie On Duty

This time, I’m sharing a snap-shot of our own “Gracie Girl,” and I’ve added a special caption. I’ve been trying to get this shot for at least months now! Every time I would approach Gracie with the camera, she would get up (first, out of curiosity about the “mysterious black box,” and then, she was just seeking some petting and scratching!) Anyway, this time, she didn’t seem to care at all. Hope you enjoy!




“O.K., you’re in trouble now…I’ve got my eye on you!”


**Note: Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, Gracie really is a great guard dog! She’s gentle, sweet, friendly, and easy-going with us and our family, friends, acquaintances, etc. However, about the only time she barks is when she senses any potential danger {which is so wonderful to me…it’s so annoying and non-beneficial when a dog just barks all the time! Then, you won’t know when there really is anything to be concerned about! } She goes on “high alert” with snakes and strangers (in our yard, uninvited, suspicious, etc.). Gracie is very intelligent, and if I am “on guard” at all, she knows it…Therefore, she’s on alert too!


Anyway…hope you enjoyed seeing Gracie the way I do! -)

Silly “Hoomans”

This post is for all the pets out there who love their “hoomans” and tolerate their silly, strange behavior. -)







**For more funny pet pics, visit ihasahotdog.com and icanhascheezburger.com.