Who Can Relate?

I’m sick again…bronchitis this time.  I’m feeling pretty depleted.  However, it certainly could be worse, and this too shall pass.  I sure can relate to this pic, though, and of course, I think it’s cute:

Kid’s Comments

My kids are constantly saying humorous things. I just realized today, that I haven’t posted any of their funny comments in a while. I don’t ever want to get too busy, bogged down, or too consumed in daily activities that I forget to take notice of the cute things they say. In the last couple of weeks or so, I think I’ve also started to get lost in the irritations of motherhood instead of gleaning the inexplicable joy.

You know, life is that way. Both are always there…the good and the bad. However, our experiences truly become more about where we choose to put our focus! Anyway, right now, at this moment, I wish to turn my attention toward some cute, funny moments and give you a glimpse of the good. Won’t you soak it up with me?!


One day a couple of weeks ago, Kerry came up to me…asking for my help, while furiously rubbing his eye. Kerry exclaimed: “Mommy, my eye is hurting! I think I have an ‘eye-flash‘ in it!”


Even though I only have two children (and a boy and girl at that), I still sometimes have a difficult time keeping their names straight. One morning, I continued to call Kerry by his sister’s name.

Finally, I said to Kerry, “S-a-r-a-h…I mean Kerry..Sorry, Mommy’s just getting old.”

Of course, like his daddy and his grand-daddy, little Kerry was very understanding and gracious about it.

“You’re getting OLD and WEIRD!” jokes little Kerry. “Hee, Hee, Hee!


One day, a week or so back, the kids and I were at a local park. As usual, Sarah quickly made many new friends, but Kerry was a little apprehensive and tentative. Another little boy had been trying to play with him, when Kerry suddenly (and ever so “politely”) made the following proclamation:

I don’t know you, kid!! I don’t know you, and you don’t know me!”

The other friendly little boy reminded me of Sarah. He quickly responded, “Hi. My name is Ethan, and I am four.”

From that moment on, the two were instantly pals and got along great!


Well, you know what this Sunday is, don’t you?

Yeah, I know, I guess you do. If you’ve been in any kind of store, turned on the T.V., or been on the Internet, you must know that Mother’s Day is almost here!

However, I hope it won’t be just another “special” day to rush frantically to the store at the last minute, quickly grab up the first “sappy” card you see, and then head for the flowers section! Try to take at least a few moments to reflect on who your mom really is, what she means to you, and what she’s done for you. Take some time to think back on those good, sweet memories. Most of all, thank God for your mother…


You see this picture of my mom? Isn’t she beautiful? I think this picture was taken some time before she got married. It’s my favorite picture of Mom. She’s always had a classiness and properness about her (that I couldn’t replicate if I tried!) She has beautiful eyes and skin and a lovely smile. I’ve never really thought I looked much like my mom (not that I’m unattractive; just different). However, it’s so fascinating to me when I see her in my daughter, Sarah!

Mom is often a quiet person outside of the immediate family. However, she has “come out” a lot; helping my dad with his business. Mom is very kind and generous to her clients, and she shows true concern, compassion, and empathy for each person; making them feel special.

Mom has never wanted to be in the “lime-light,” but she enjoys helping “behind the scenes.” She always seems to be at her best and happiest when she is helping someone else reach their goals. Mom has supported me in many different quests and aspirations, and she has been there through the many ups and downs. It’s always seemed that Mom has wanted to protect me from life’s disappointments though she knew she couldn’t. Mom took good care of my brother and I and the house when we were growing up. She did most all the household chores and thankless jobs that we so often took for granted (I realize this and understand it much better, now that I’m a mother!)

I remember the countless hours my mother would sit with me as I stumbled through learning how to read. I recall her helping me through the long process of learning my multiplication tables and helping me study for spelling tests. She was always there to make sure I did my homework and took care of my studies. I also recall many a morning that Mom cooked a big breakfast for us. After eating, Mom would read to us from the Bible, while we were all sitting around the kitchen table.

One of the most important things Mom taught me concerns honesty. Mom has always had the highest regard for truthfulness, and she abhors dishonesty. Whenever I was little and tried to lie to her (as most kids will do at some point), Mom would promptly put an end to it. Mom never let me get away with lying, because she always knew! She also made a habit of telling me that if I lied to her about something I had done that I would get in sooooo much more trouble. Mom stuck to her word on that!


Mom, thank you for all you have done for me!

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!

Sarah’s First Plastic Card…

…her first library card, that is. What did you think I meant? What kind of fool do ya think I am?!

Yeah, the library card is quite enough for now! People are constantly saying to me, “Just think about what it will be like when Sarah goes to get her Driver’s License.” Instead, I think to myself, “Why would I want to think about that just yet?! Let me deal with the issues at hand first, please! If I think too far ahead, I might start to hyperventilate! (O.k., well not really, exactly, but it won’t help me handle the “now” any better!)”

As far as any other plastic goes, I’ll like it just fine if my kids never own a single credit card!


Anyway, yeah, Sarah was THRILLED!! I know…it’s so cute and sweet how the smallest, most trivial things that we take for granted mean so very much to a 6 yr. old, huh?! Sarah felt so much older and more important!

She actually could have gotten one a couple of years ago–I just never thought about it. However, today it finally occurred to me, when we were checking out books at our town library. I had been busy making summer plans, while the kids were on the computers and picking out their books. I had forgotten to put a limit on how many books the kids could check out, and I didn’t notice until we headed to the circulation desk. Each kid came staggering to the desk; struggling with huge piles of books. I can only get 20 books on my card, and it only took a quick glance to determine that my children had greatly exceeded the limit.

Thinking about how much Sarah LOVES to read and how quickly she “devours” the books from the library, I thought, “Perhaps I should see about getting Sarah her own card!” (Also, little Kerry is still in the initial learning phase of reading, and I need to have him working on it more.) The librarian informed me that if a student was at least Kindergarten-age that he/she could get their own card. Of course, I guess I used to know that and had just forgotten.

So, Sarah obtained her new card and was quite pleased. Kerry, however, was a little miffed and envious. I told him that he could get his own card next year. He still didn’t like it, but he was happy with his huge stack of books, (as long as I helped him carry them)!

Getting Ready For Church

This morning, getting my son ready for church was like many Sunday mornings ’round here. The only difference this particular morning was that I tried to find the humor in it, instead of just getting so flustered and upset… This is how things went with my little Kerry:


Kerry came out wearing a mismatched shirt and pants, white socks, and mismatched shoes. Knowing how I was already feeling and how this particular situation usually goes, I promptly decided I needed reinforcements, so I sent in my husband Scott. Kerry then came out with a nice shirt (which actually fit) and suit pants that didn’t totally clash! That would have been good enough for me at that point, but Scott wanted me to find Kerry’s matching suit jacket.

And so began the search. I checked everywhere…his closet, the floor, his dresser drawers, the corners, behind the dresser, etc. Then, suddenly, I said, “Oh no, don’t tell me…it’s under your bed, isn’t it?!” Sure enough, I found it, along with two of Kerry’s dress vests, all wadded up in a corner under his bed.

While Kerry was trying to complain about not wanting to wear a suit, I found him a tie that matched his shirt and suit perfectly. Then, Kerry tried to whine about wanting to wear a different tie (which of course didn’t match!) So, naturally, I told him to go ask his Daddy which tie looked better, while I tried to finish up some other things!

I was rushing around, trying to get ready, when I noticed Kerry sitting on the couch in the living room. (I remember thinking, “Can it be…is he actually ready?!”) However, knowing Kerry, I took a closer look… There was my little boy, sitting there having a pretend fight with the two ties–one in each hand! At this point, frustration finally gave way to hysterical laughter!!

Well, laughing’s certainly better than crying, right?! -D

So, for those of you with older boys, will you please tell me…Does it get any better?! You see, I don’t want to fill my head with grandiose illusions and false hope! But, then again, ignorance can be bliss, right?! -D

“What I Wish I Had Known…

…My First Year of Homeschooling” is the Friday meme for “The Heart of the Matter.” (I found it at Tracy’s blog, here).

The main thing that comes to mind for me is that I think I would have stressed a little less and enjoyed a little more. I actually answered this same meme several months ago (from a different blog host) and this was my reply:

Last year, we started off with a strict, stringent, and early schedule. Of course, it didn’t take long before we were all totally exhausted and extremely frustrated! Thankfully, I was reminded by other homeschool moms about one of the many great advantages of homeschooling. We don’t have to conform to the schedule, ideas, ways of teaching, etc. of the public school system! (Difficult lesson to learn though when a person has been through 13 years of public school education, 6 years of college, and 5 years of public school work!)

Once again, as I’ve stated before, finding a balance is key! Our school has tried at least 4 different schedules in one year! We don’t function well under a rigid schedule, but we can’t be too nonchalant about it either, or we accomplish very little. Yep, we’re still working on that balance thing!

Speaking of balance, the other thing I have realized this past year, is that you truly can “have too much of a good thing.” At times, we would start to get bogged down and exhausted from too many activities. Then, I would have to”take a step back” and remember– that the activities are to “enhance” homeschooling, not to “hinder” or “replace” it!!

Yes, I have learned a few things on this journey, and I know I have much left to learn!


Kid’s Stuff–(Smile-makers)

–My son has really been acting out the last couple of days. (I think Kerry assumes he can get away with more, and he’s mad that Daddy is not here.) Anyway, I’ve had to “crack down” on him. Sunday night, the kids and I had the following dialogue :

“You’re S-O-O-O mean!” exclaimed Kerry.

Apparently, I’m not mean enough!” I maturely quipped back. ;-)

Sarah suddenly exclaimed, “No Mommy, please don’t get any meaner!!” -D


–Yesterday morning, Sarah had gotten upset about something and wanted me to hold her. So, I sat down with her in the old recliner. After a few minutes, I told Sarah I had to get up, because I had a lot of things to do.

Just a few more seconds…,” pleaded Sarah, “…Oh, Mommy, sometimes I miss the ‘baby days.” -D


–Sarah sent the following sweet email message to her Daddy yesterday (her own message with her own spelling and grammar) :

Dear Daddy, Kerry is having a bad week. But I still don’t know what the rest of the week is going to be. God only knows. Did you know, that the Stegosaurus had a brain the size of a walnut? The fish are doing o.k.. Is Norman small or big? (Norman is the place her Daddy is staying.) Man, do I love it when I send you e-mail’s!


–Finally, the following is a post written by Sarah (6.5 yo) that she wanted to share with all of you (once again–her own spelling and grammar) :

God Love’s Me

God is very, very, very, nice to you and me. I love God. God is good. I love reading the Bible, and praying to Him.

After we go to Church, we go to Grandma’s and Granddaddy’s house, and when it is time to eat, me and Rachel (my cousin) and Kerry (my brother) say the prayer. By the way, my name is Sarah (Janet’s little girl). I can’t wait to be with God. My mother (Janet) has a good, good, good, website about God. (No, I didn’t ask for this plug! -D ) Soon, maybe I can have one, but I think I need to get older, because I am jest 6 year’s old. God love’s you a lot, lot, lot. You know what, some day, I will see you!

Love, Sarah


**Note: Aren’t kids precious?! Whenever I start to wonder why I’m here at home with them, it sure doesn’t take long for me to be reminded! -)