Our Visit To The Zoo

This trip to the NC Zoo in Asheboro was a couple of weeks ago (7/25/09). We went with Scott’s cousin Phillip and his family.  Of course, I took LOTS of photos, but I’ll just share a few here:


Hubby Scott and little Kerry.
1st animal we got to see.
I love this shot of Mother and baby!! 🙂
This lion sure is enjoying “something.” (Glad that something wasn’t my leg!) =-)
I love this shot of the bear. It was an extremely hot day…I love the way he’s just hangin’ round in the water.
Love this shot of the polar bear too and the very blue water.
Otter taking a rest from swimming. See how sleek he looks.
Daddy holding Kerry up for a better look. 🙂
There was a statue of an elephant that the kids wanted to get up on for photos. Here’s Kerry, Sarah, Rebecca, and Christopher. (Rebecca and Christopher are Phillip and Gloria’s kids…Phillip is Scott’s cousin from the beach.) The kids had such a great time getting together!
(These last shots were taken w/ Sarah’s little digital camera…we took turns.)
Rebecca…ain’t she cute?! 🙂
Here, the kids were starting to look rather tired.
Here’s a tip…take pics of people at the VERY beginning. Ya know…BEFORE they’ve walked around all day in a 100 degree weather!! =-)
Scott just thinks he’s SOOOO funny!

“The Inside Track”

O.k., I just think this is so cute and hilarious that I have to pass it on! Oh, and I also want to say, there’s only FIVE days until Christmas! If I don’t see ya back here before then… MERRY CHRISTMAS!! -D


I’ve always heard it helps to know…someone on the inside of an operation:


**You can find the above pic and more at LOLCATS. (You can also personalize a free eCard! -D )

Do Lightning Bugs Get Headaches?

Yesterday, I was out mowing the grass, when Sarah suddenly appeared in front of me. (Well, you know, not really…It just seemed that way.) I looked up and there was my little girl on the sidewalk, dressed in her cute little Winnie the Pooh “skort” and her blue and yellow flowered shirt. She was holding her jar of lightning bugs; gazing at them proudly and lovingly…


You see, Sunday night we had been over to my parents’ for Father’s Day, and Sarah caught a bunch of fireflies. Dad found her an old mason jar to house her collection. Then, Grandpa punched a few holes in the top of the jar and handed it to Sarah. However, he soon discovered that a couple of the openings were too large. The lightning bugs were managing to escape, so Sarah and her grandpa got some tiny sticks to plug up the larger places. Dad also showed Sarah how she could tap the jar or gently shake it so that the fireflies would fall back down.

Dad commented on his surprise that kids really haven’t changed that much. He told Sarah about how he too used to greatly enjoy capturing lightning bugs when he was a kid. Yep, Grandpa did, I did, and now Sarah.


So, anyway, yesterday morning Sarah was admiring and studying her collection. Then, she started screaming at them and singing to them “at the top of her lungs”…I mean serenading them. 😉 All the while, my little girl was shaking the jar vigorously, and beating tapping on the sides. 😀 A smile crept across my face, as I was suddenly struck by a strange and silly question: “Do lightning bugs get headaches?”

{If it seems like I have an odd sense of humor when it comes to such things, I suppose it partly comes from empathy (for the lightning bugs, that is). In this situation, I was picturing myself trapped in a small glass room, being constantly yelled at and thrashed about… Being one who frequently gets very bad headaches, this strange thought really made my head hurt!! Once again, I just couldn’t help but think, “Do lightning bugs get headaches?}

Well, I don’t really know the answer to that question, and I probably never will. In fact, I will always wonder… However, there is one thing I need not ever question, and this thought makes me smile for a different reason. One thing is for certain…I am blessed…yes, I am blessed.


Check out these photos of my cute “young-ins”–Sarah (with her firefly collection) and Kerry (wearing his favorite red cap):

Aren’t they a sweet sight?! How could I not feel blessed?!


**P.S. Sarah tends to be kind of “heavy handed,” loud, and boisterous (she is young yet...) At the same time, she is doting, motherly, loving, caring, and very affectionate. Sarah’s like a “mother hen,” and she’s been that way almost since “day one!” She’s just so sweet and cute to watch!

I LOVE the last photo of Sarah and Kerry sharing a laugh! They have a strong bond and are very close. Of course, like any siblings, they have their moments when they fight and argue. However, there’s still a lot of love there between them…Yep, a lot of love.

Technology, Tracking, and Treasure–(It’s Wild!!)

Yesterday, the kids and I went on an interesting field trip. It was really neat and different. We went to our local Wildlife Center (they provide lots of awesome field trips and classroom experiences). The kids and I first went into the classroom with several other home-schoolers from our home-school group. We were then introduced to GPS (Global Positioning System) and given GPS satellite tracking devices and instructed on how to use them. Next, we went around in the nearby woods and college campus on a great “wildlife treasure” hunting adventure using our handy little GPS trackers as our compasses.

Wildlife Center staff had gone around and hidden notes, clues, and orange flags around various wildlife habitats. Then they programmed the coordinates into the GPS trackers. A guide would tell us what location name to enter into our tracker, such as “bird-house” or “creek,” and then the GPS device would act as a compass to direct our search. The tracker would tell us what direction to pursue and the approximate distance to travel.

It was a great way to learn something new, to enjoy wildlife together, and to get some exercise! We walked all over the campus for about an hour and a half! Sarah was “in her element,” because she thrives on stuff like that! She loves adventure, out-door activity, and a challenge with a little healthy competition. Sarah also has excellent eye-sight for distance (which neither Scott or I have), and she was the first to spot the orange flag every time. Whenever we would get to a note or clue, she wanted to read it aloud also (I had to remind her to back off a little and give the other kids a chance!).

Anyway, it was a really neat field trip, and it was great to see Sarah enjoying it so much. Kerry wasn’t quite as enthused, but he’s definitely having fun with Sarah today. Our excitement this afternoon has involved some wildlife from our own backyard. Sarah caught a lizard, brought it inside the house, and lost it, while trying to give it to Kerry. (I had no idea how much havoc and chaos one little lizard could cause! )

So, I helped the kids locate, corner, and catch the lizard. Carrying the little green fella by his tail, I took him on back outside. I then made it clear to the kids that the lizard was to stay outside. That was about thirty minutes ago, and the kids have been playing with it ever since. Sarah has caught it and let it go a couple more times. (Poor little guy–hope he hasn’t been too traumatized! -D )


I’m so glad to see the kids playing well together, getting exercise, enjoying the beautiful weather today, and discovering the “treasures” of nature. As I’m typing this post, I’m listening to the giggles, laughter, and squeaks of my two children, through the open kitchen window. I’m also saying a prayer of thanks to my Lord for these kids He’s given me and for the wildlife He’s created for us to enjoy! -D


**Update: I googled the lizards in our area and found out that our little visitor is most likely a “Green Anole.” I added the above picture, which I found here. The kids were also reminded of earlier science lessons (concerning “Chameleons”), when they witnessed the anole turn brown to match the tree, deck, etc. It was cool!

Here’s a picture of an anole that has turned brown:

brown Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis)

The kids also saw where the lizard was shedding some of its skin, like in this picture:

Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis) shedding skin

**All photos and info. found here.

Pets–A Connection Made

In a previous post about pets, I mentioned how just looking at these soft, sweet creatures seems to lower my blood pressure and makes me smile! Well, I just knew there was a connection between pets and lower blood pressure, and last night I found an article that supports this concept. The article is called “Why Do Humans Bond With Animals?,” and it gives many reasons for the relationships between humans and animals. (You may view this article here). At the end of the article, the following statements are made by expert, Carol Ouhl:

…According to Ouhl, researchers have discovered that pet attraction is more than just an emotional one.

“There’s a physiological reaction to pets. Blood pressure drops when you pet an animal. It drops even more when you pet your own animal,” she said.

**(Carol Ouhl is a Certified Therapy Animal Trainer in Minnesota).


Well, there you have it, folks! Not only are pets fun, they are good for you too! Of course, you know, I can’t end this post without sharing some cute and cuddly, precious pets! Check out these sweetie pies–they are part of the World’s Cutest Animals collection:


Puppy Costume

Puppy and Kitty Kissing
Kittens In Trouble
Puppy Sleeping

**Note: The article mentioned above, along with all photos, were found at:

Worlds Cutest Animals.com

**P.S. Hope you enjoyed and have a great day! -)

Precious Pets…Part 2

A-w-w-w, ain’t this just the most precious, sweet, (yet sad) picture you’ve ever seen?! You know you want to say it too. Go ahead and say, “A-w-w-w!!



But, hey, this next picture shows how dreams really can come true!

funny dog picture, loldogs, cute, outside, happy dog


More Kitty stuff…

I know it’s just plain silly and ridiculous, but I can’t help it–it just “cracks me up” every time I see this picture. …And yes, I am easily amused! Check out the newest in “Kitty wear”:

funny pictures


A-w-w–parents and their expectations. Is anything ever enough for them?!

funny pictures

**Lolcats ‘n’ Funny Pictures