A Special Moment…

This afternoon, we came home, from the second funeral in our church within a week. We promptly changed out of our dress clothes and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Next, Scott and I found ourselves sharing in a simple activity with our kids…

The four of us were sitting around the kitchen table, coloring Christmas pictures, while listening to praise songs and Christmas hymns. I just cannot describe to you the wonderful, pure, and quiet joy that I felt. Suddenly, it was that kind of moment when I wanted to freeze time. So, I stopped, and I looked around the table at the sweet faces of each family member. Then, I said a prayer of thanks, and I took a “mental snap-shot,” so as not to forget…


A Monday Meme

I found this meme at Gina’s site and decided to join in the fun! I discovered it on Monday and started it that night, but I’m finishing it up today.

Gina says to “tag yourself if you want to play!” So here goes:

  1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was in my second year of marriage. My husband and I were living in a 1 bedroom apartment and were starting to look at houses. I was just getting ready to change jobs also (from one county to another county…public school system). I was also hoping and praying to pay off some debt and start having some babies in 2-3 years!
  2. What are 5 things on my to-do list for today? –(1)Pick up my 9 yr. old niece, run a couple of errands (pick up med., go to store, pick up film, etc.), and take kids to the library; –(2)Work on budgeting, fixing up bills, subtracting checks, etc.; –(3)Household chores (piles of laundry, dishes, cleaning up, cooking dinner, etc.); –(4)Work on paper-work (Program Application for Classical Conversations for homeschooling next year…9 pages altogether, Dentist new patient information…4 pages, calendar stuff, and planning for summer and next school year; –(5)Catch up on blog, emails, etc.
  3. Snacks I enjoy: Popcorn, peanuts, and yogurt (…Well, o.k., I used to REALLY enjoy chocolate snacks, but not so much any more…I mean I would of course enjoy them if I let myself have them. Well, that is I would enjoy just about anything chocolate until I felt guilty afterward!! ) )
  4. Things I would do if I was a billionaire: To be honest…I really haven’t given this much thought before. I would just be SO EXCITED and happy to get all our debt paid off (old college loans, credit cards, and consolidation loans). So, if I suddenly became a billionaire, I would promptly pay off all our debts (including our house payment) and be DEBT-FREE!! Immediately, I would call and tell my husband to quit his job too (and we could start some kind of home business and some sort of ministry). I would also help out my family members and friends. I would give to my church, World Missions, orphanages, pet shelters, etc. I would also want to take some family vacations, do some traveling, and go visit all our different relatives in different towns and states. Finally, I would set up some AWESOME college funds for the kiddos!! ) **P.S. Oh, and I would also have all our carpet torn out and replaced with hard-wood floors! Then, I would hire a maid!! ) Oh, and perhaps I would hire a chef and personal trainer too!! (You know, while I’m dreaming, I might as well make it really good!!)
  5. Places I have lived: I grew up and lived in the same house my entire childhood. Since then, I’ve still stayed mostly in N.C. (I’ve lived in at least 4 different towns/cities in N.C.) I also lived in Panama City Beach, Florida for one summer.
  6. Jobs I have had: **See prior post…“13 Jobs I’ve Had.”

Yard-work and Homeschooling?!

Well, most days aren’t like this, but this morning’s homeschooling lessons consisted of the following:

[**Note: Please keep in mind that this is all in the spirit of fun and learning, and some lessons must be learned the “hard way!” -D ]

–“This is a jungle yard. (See Example A).”

–“This is a poor, neglected yard that needs some TLC. (See Example A again).”

–“This is called ‘yard-work.’ I will now give you a demonstration. I know it seems foreign and unfamiliar, but you’ll catch on. No, a little sweat will not kill you…”

–“This is what happens when we procrastinate and procrastinate, and then procrastinate some more: it makes more work for us at one time. This means the following will occur:”

  • The grass will be 3 ft. high in some places.
  • The mower and you will struggle greatly.
  • The mower will become like the little train engine that said, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” -D
  • The mower and you will only accomplish this tremendous task with much determination, positive thinking, well wishes, and lots and lots of prayer!! -D

–“Now, that the yard-work is completed, you may obtain a better idea of what a yard is actually supposed to look like! (See Example B). This is also a good example of stewardship–taking care of what God has given us!”


**Note: As I was working on the yard today, the following dialogue also occurred:

At my request, Kerry brought me a glass of water a couple of times. On his last trip, he quipped, “I didn’t know I was going to have to baby-sit you today, Mom!!”

While I was mowing, Sarah accidentally grazed Kerry with her bike, and he fell and scraped his knee a little. When he was telling me about it, he casually stated, “Don’t worry, Mom…I took it ‘like a man‘.” -D


**P.S. While mowing, I thought of the following: I have something to add to my thankful list for this week! Though it’s not a riding mower, and it may struggle a bit, I am very thankful for my little gas-powered push mower! (It sure beats the old rotary push mowers or pulling/cutting the grass by hand! -D )


**P.P.S. While I was mowing, I also enjoyed some quiet chuckles at the following random musings:

How do you know when it is time to cut the grass?

“When your neighbors give you dirty looks and stop speaking to you!” -D

How do you know when it was definitely time to mow, and you did the right thing?

“When, upon completion of your task, the neighbors sing a hallelujah chorus and do a victory dance!!” -D


**Happy Friday and have a very blessed weekend!! -D


**Update: **P.P.P.S. O.k., let’s see how observant you are.  How many smiley faces are in this post?!

“Tag–I’m It!”

I’ve been tagged by my blogging friend Carol for the following meme:

The Rules:

1. Post these rules on your blog.

2. Write six random things about yourself.

3. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

4. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

5. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.


6 Random Things About Me…..

1. My daddy got me my first little guitar when I was about 5 yrs. old. Shortly thereafter, I stood up (with it in hand) on the edge of the bathtub, jumped down, and broke the neck clean off! (Dad decided I wasn’t quite ready for guitar lessons….)

2. When I was little I said “Tar, Tar” for “guitar” and “floufer” for “flower.”

3. I’ve always said if I could be any animal, I would be a wild horse.

4. My mom tells the story of how she once smelled something strange coming from the dryer. She soon discovered that I had found a unique hiding place for my peanut butter sandwich. (Mom was not amused.)

5. I have a very distinctive, hearty, boisterous laugh–some call it a “HEE HAW.” (If you’ve ever heard it, you know what I’m talking about!) That’s o.k. by me, though. I love when I’m able to relax enough to LAUGH like I mean it, and I encourage everyone to do the same!

6. One of the first songs I sang as a solo in church was called “He’s Still Working On Me.” (Well, folks, that song still “rings true,” and I’m thankful that He’s not done with me yet!!)


That was fun! Thanks, Carol! Now, let’s see….who can I get to join in the fun? How ’bout the following:







A Few Tidbits…

…O.k., here’s some interesting(?) facts about the author of this blog:

1. I’m human, which means I’m a sinner…

2. …A sinner saved by grace. I first accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 9 years old.

3. I was also baptized at 9, even though I was petrified of being dunked under water.

4. Since then I’ve learned to swim, but still not jumping off the high dive or anything.

5. I’m a recovering “chocoholic.” No, seriously, it’s an addiction, and I have it.

6. One of the last things I ever wanted to be was a SAHM…

7. …Yet, here I am…staying at home…with kids. 🙂

8. I’ve never really known how to cook, clean, sew, etc…you, know, any of that domestic stuff.

9. …I still don’t. (Works out real well with me being a SAHM and all!) 😀

10. I write everything down–and I do mean EVERYTHING!

11. I make at least 3-4 lists a day…and yes, of course, I make lists of my lists! 😉

12. So far, I’ve never lost sleep over weather predictions of thunderstorms, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

13. However, to me, a leaky faucet, a loud ticking clock, or a noisy refrigerator is like taking “No Doze!”

14. I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Yes, it’s real.

15. Hey, was that a squirrel?! Sorry, focus…drifting…

16. I can sometimes be super-focused on one thing.

17. Multi-taking doesn’t come easily for me.

18. I LOVE to help people.

19. I want to feel like I’m making a difference.

20. I don’t like flowered-print shirts or dresses. I don’t like pink. I don’t like frills.

21. I’m not scared of spiders or bugs.

22. I love learning about all the different cultures of the world.

23. I’ve always wanted to travel the world.

24. So, of course, I now live in the same town in which I grew up! 🙂

25. I love my family–my husband Scott, our 2 kids, the dog, the goldfish…

26. About a year ago, Scott suggested I try blogging…I’m glad he did. 🙂


**P.S. Sometimes I like to state the obvious. Oh, and I love emoticons! 😀

There’s Sunshine in a Smile

Where’s your smile? Someone needs to see your smile today… Ah, come on now, it won’t hurt you to smile…

I found the following poem (by Helen Steiner Rice) over at Julie’s blog. You can view her post here.


There’s Sunshine in a Smile

Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain

Laughter and pleasure, teardrops and rain

All days can’t be bright but it’s certainly true

There was never a cloud the sun didn’t shine through

So just keep on smiling whatever betide you

Secure in the knowledge God is always beside you

And you’ll find when you smile your day will be brighter

And all of your burdens will seem so much lighter

For each time you smile you will find that it’s true

Somebody, somewhere will smile back at you

And nothing on earth can make life more worthwhile

Than the sunshine and warmth of a beautiful smile.

–Helen Steiner Rice

He’s Not Even 4 yet…

…and he’s already learned what many women want most! Little Kerry’s a “quick-study!” He’s “picked up” on some very important information that many men would benefit in knowing!

After seeing his sister breaking down in tears several times, and even his mother crying at one point today… Kerry says, “(There’s been too much crying today!) I think we all need some chocolate!!”