Ba ba, ba ba-ba ba…


My sweet hubby played this cute and happy ditty for me this morning. It’s such a fun little tune. When I hear this song, I just can’t help but dance around and hum along! Check out this video (and don’t be surprised if it has that effect on you too! -) ) :


“This Is Dedicated…

…To The One I Love.” Happy Valentine’s Day to my hubby, Scott! -)

You are the only man for me. I thank the Lord for you. I love you…always and forever.


–Spring of 1989–Our Junior/Senior Prom. (Check out that hair of mine–What was I thinking?! Better yet, when I posted this picture, what was I thinking?! )



–Summer 1996 (just before we got married). Don’t we look sweet…with a little strange shade of blue added in? (Yep, I think this photo could be a little faded!)



–November 23rd, 1996–Our Wedding Day




**P.S. Yes, I know, Honey. I could have used your expertise in photo editing, huh?!


**Note: To any other married folk reading this, have you hugged and kissed your sweetheart today?! Happy Valentine’s Day!

**UpdateP.S. Also, if anyone else is questioning the dates from the above pictures, and you would like to know “the rest of the story,” you may read the series of short posts below:

Marriage–Our Beginning–God’s Provision, Timing, and Will

Below is a group of posts that tells the gist of our story–how we met, fell in love, and got married (eventually)…

We’ve Grown Up Together

A Very Long Walk…

Even at 15…

“Was It Something I Said?”

“In Due Time” (Waiting For God’s Timing)

“What Do–A $1,000 Budget, A Respected Indian Pastor, and An ‘86 Chevy–Have in common?”

Speaking of Thanks…

Have I mentioned that Thanksgiving is not the only special day to our family this week? You see, this Friday is a day of remembrance and thanks for an event that took place eleven years ago. On November 23rd, 1996, the prayer of a 15 year old boy was answered (after 10 yrs.), when Scott and I said “I do.” I dedicate this post to my husband Scott, whom I will love and cherish until the day I die. Scott is a wonderful husband and father, and I thank the Lord for him. Scott is a man of character, conviction, and most importantly, a man of God. His faith, strength, courage, and sense of humor help me to press on each day.

I like the fact that our wedding anniversary is right at Thanksgiving. That way, we can never forget to give thanks for each other!

God Bless you, Honey. I love you very much!

Sure Is Sweet…

This morning, I have the sweetest view. I’m watching and listening while my daughter Sarah reads to her little brother, Kerry. Kerry’s had a cold the last couple of days–been coughing, nose stopped up, etc. Little fellow hasn’t felt too good, but he sure has been enjoying the extra attention from his big sister. Sarah has him “tucked-in” on the sofa, and she’s reading Horton Hatches The Egg, by Dr. Seuss.

Sure is sweet, I tell ya, sure is sweet…

“What Do –A $1,000 Budget, –A Respected Indian Pastor, and –An ’86 Chevy– All Have In Common?…”

…They were all part of our very beautiful, yet very simple wedding on November 23rd, 1996. Yep, we dated for a decade, and now we’ve been married for one. …And I’m a hopin’ and a prayin’ we’ll share many more years together…

“In Due Time” (Waiting for God’s Timing)

Well, I guess I’d better “fast forward” a bit, or this group of posts may become never-ending…

We pick up with this story, after 10 years of dating off and on–including several “heart-wrenching” break-ups, dozens of letters I’d written, yet never mailed, and even a previous engagement. Even after all of this “drama,” Scott once again proposed. (Have I mentioned Scott’s a man of faith, long-suffering, and persistence?)

Anyway, this time I answered “yes,” without any hesitation whatsoever. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Scott was the one for me, and I was finally ready… And as for the prayers of that 15 yr. old boy so many years ago? Well, those prayers did not go unanswered… You see, Scott was right, well at least partially right… It was God’s will for us to be together, we just had to wait for His perfect timing

“Was It Something I Said?”

Oh, young love… One minute you’ve found the “man of your dreams,” the next you’re avoiding him like the plague! You see, even though we both may have been a little “wise beyond our years” back then, we were both still so very young and of course subsequently clueless! All it took to bring an abrupt end to our relationship, was for Scott to mention something about how God had brought us together, and it was God’s will for us to spend the rest of our lives together… O.k., yeah, that was a little too “heavy,” even for me!

I was not quite 15, and God had told me no such thing, and I was not ready to become quite so serious just yet! So suddenly, without warning, charming became “a little creepy and weird”… And a 15 year-old boy was left feeling heart-broken and confused…