My New Blog Home…

…For real & for a while this time. ­čÖé (I’ve had a few other brief blogs in-between and one that has been ongoing, but private.)

Well, I just started a new public blog on May 5th, 2011 (The National Day of Prayer). The first post is part of the blogging meme called “Thankful Thursday.” My current “home” is @: Journaling For Jesus. Please visit and leave me a comment! I look forward to greeting you there.

Blessings, Janet


“God’s Light Clears Our Vision…” (via Daily Provision)

Dear Lord, My sight is becoming cloudy again. Please restore my vision once more. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law, Lisa and I had a "scare." Our kids were through with their lessons for the day, and we were sitting talking. While the kids were playing in Sarah's room, I suddenly noticed my loyal dog, Gracie, barking outside. I immediately ran to the back door because I knew Gracie hardly ever barks unless she senses potential danger–usually in the form of a snake!! When I peered through the glass of the back door, I saw Gracie st … Read More

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Sharing The Good News (via Daily Provision)

Sharing The Good News Sometimes I start to wonder if I'm not bold enough in my witness to others.┬á However, I'm quickly reminded that I MUST be led by the Holy Spirit, and I cannot force such things.┬á In my personal relationships, God will lead me…He will give me the words to say at the right time.┬á I find when I try to "speed things up" and "take matters into my own hands," that I can easily become self-righteous or at least come across that way.┬á The words won't c … Read More

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Daily Dose of Doggies

Oh, what can I say…it’s just one of those kind of Mondays. I need a good quiet time, a decent cup of coffee, and a dose of doggy cuteness. (And maybe a good, swift kick in the backside wouldn’t be a bad idea either! ;-) )


I just found these pics I’d saved…(some from several months ago). Here’s some funny ones:





…And here’s some cute, precious, and funny ones:





**Previously found above pics, as once displayed at:

So Many Things To Post…

…and so little time! Sometimes it seems as if I have nothing to blog about, while at other times, I may have several ideas brewing, but can’t find the time to complete them! This week is certainly busy. Our church is having Vacation Bible School, and the kids are having a blast! All the kids are very excited, and they’re learning a lot. What I like most about this year’s VBS is that the kids seem to be taking more away from the classes, and they’re applying it too! The title of this year’s VBS is “Power Lab–Discovering Jesus’ Miraculous Power.”

Well, I was just getting ready to give you more details about our VBS, when I realized that my daughter has already given a great description on her blog!  Yep, on her own, Sarah has written an awesome, little summary.  You may view her post here.

Giving Thanks…

Thursday, May 15th


“To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.” Psalms 30:6-12


I’m Thankful For:

–Mom, Mother’s Day, and the privilege of being a mother myself

–Field trips like the one yesterday at the wildlife center and the gorgeous weather we also enjoyed yesterday

–Friends that the kids and I can go visit and the friends the kids and I met at the park the other day. I’m especially thankful for friends that I can be myself with and feel accepted.

–The health that I have and being able to get around as well as I do and being able to do things with the kids, etc. (I may not be in absolute perfect health, but I am very thankful for the health that I do have.)

–HOPE and opportunities (We have some exciting new educational options to consider adding to our homeschooling experience for next year. I am praying hard to make the right choices!)

–My Lord Jesus…the joy He’s given me, all He’s brought me through, all He’s doing now, and all He’s going to do for my family and I… I thank Him and praise Him for this awesome life He has given me! To God Be The Glory!!


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Well, you know what this Sunday is, don’t you?

Yeah, I know, I guess you do. If you’ve been in any kind of store, turned on the T.V., or been on the Internet, you must know that Mother’s Day is almost here!

However, I hope it won’t be just another “special” day to rush frantically to the store at the last minute, quickly grab up the first “sappy” card you see, and then head for the flowers section! Try to take at least a few moments to reflect on who your mom really is, what she means to you, and what she’s done for you. Take some time to think back on those good, sweet memories. Most of all, thank God for your mother…


You see this picture of my mom? Isn’t she beautiful? I think this picture was taken some time before she got married. It’s my favorite picture of Mom. She’s always had a classiness and properness about her (that I couldn’t replicate if I tried!) She has beautiful eyes and skin and a lovely smile. I’ve never really thought I looked much like my mom (not that I’m unattractive; just different). However, it’s so fascinating to me when I see her in my daughter, Sarah!

Mom is often a quiet person outside of the immediate family. However, she has “come out” a lot; helping my dad with his business. Mom is very kind and generous to her clients, and she shows true concern, compassion, and empathy for each person; making them feel special.

Mom has never wanted to be in the “lime-light,” but she enjoys helping “behind the scenes.” She always seems to be at her best and happiest when she is helping someone else reach their goals. Mom has supported me in many different quests and aspirations, and she has been there through the many ups and downs. It’s always seemed that Mom has wanted to protect me from life’s disappointments though she knew she couldn’t. Mom took good care of my brother and I and the house when we were growing up. She did most all the household chores and thankless jobs that we so often took for granted (I realize this and understand it much better, now that I’m a mother!)

I remember the countless hours my mother would sit with me as I stumbled through learning how to read. I recall her helping me through the long process of learning my multiplication tables and helping me study for spelling tests. She was always there to make sure I did my homework and took care of my studies. I also recall many a morning that Mom cooked a big breakfast for us. After eating, Mom would read to us from the Bible, while we were all sitting around the kitchen table.

One of the most important things Mom taught me concerns honesty. Mom has always had the highest regard for truthfulness, and she abhors dishonesty. Whenever I was little and tried to lie to her (as most kids will do at some point), Mom would promptly put an end to it. Mom never let me get away with lying, because she always knew! She also made a habit of telling me that if I lied to her about something I had done that I would get in sooooo much more trouble. Mom stuck to her word on that!


Mom, thank you for all you have done for me!

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!