Below are some of my kid’s stories–cute, funny, and/or inspirational stories, mostly about my Sarah Beth and Kerry Scott. There are also some fun photos thrown in. Hope you enjoy!


Tomorrow is…

Science Museum w/ Friends

Our Visit To The Zoo

Gracie’s 4th B-day

It’s All About The Princess

Family B-day Fun & Fellowship

Museum Trip

My  Sarah Turns Eight

A Few More Pics…

Gallops and Goals…

Recent Pics…Various Events

Sarah’s Baptism

Latest Happenings


Missing Daddy

They’re Growing Up…

Sweet Siblings

Not Just One…

The Lost Photo Session

That Girl…

A Special Moment…

“Beauty and the Beast”

Me and God

Photos From Classical Conversations

Happy in Hats


Five years…

Relaxing by the River

  • So It Begins…
  • Recent and Upcoming B-days
  • _________________________


    Family Fun, Fellowship, and Photos

    What A Nice Break…

    Kids and Candids

    What’s He Saying Now?

    Seven Years

    Backyard Summer Fun

    Kids, Cousins, and Photo Fun

    “A Dog’s Day of Summer”

    My “Little” Bro

    More Birthday Wishes

    Bikes, Cowboys, and Kids

    Smile-Makers and Heart-Warmers

    Kiddo Stuff…

    Do You Know How To Smile…

    So Many Things To Post…

    Do Lightning Bugs Get Headaches?

    A Great Day

    Kids and Cousins

    Kid’s Comments

    Reminiscing…Part 2

    Mother’s Day: A Little Of This…

    Sarah’s First Plastic Card

    Babies and Reminiscing

    More Photo Fun (Wordless Wed.)

    Getting Ready For Church

    Yard-work and Homeschooling

    “Wordless Wed.”-(The Kiddos)

    Tech., Tracking, and Treasure–(It’s Wild!)

    Photos and Fun

    Rudolph Says “Hi!”

    Kid’s Stuff–(Smile-makers)

    Cute Kid’s Comments (About and from)

    I Thank Him…

    Waiting…Patiently, Right?!

    Motherhood–How Delightfully Confusing

    Everlasting Love (The Love Of A Parent)

    Do Any Of These Look Familiar?

    My Sweet Children…

    Everybody’s A Comedian…

    Cute Comments From Kerry

    My Little Boy’s Reading!

    Is It Morning Yet?!

    Alright Kid–“Crack Me Up…”

    A Few Of My Son’s Latest…

    Phonics, Photos, and Fun

    Our Little Gentleman

    Two Little Frogs

    Went to the Marble Museum…

    Sometimes People Just Don’t Think

    Lessons From Sarah

    Kid’s Code–Continued

    That Little Kerry!

    Jesus Loves Me

    More On “The Great Treasure Hunt”

    Looking For Hidden Treasure

    Precious Pics From The Past

    Those Dramatic Darlings

    Morphing Animals?!

    Cutie and Brownie

    Gotta Teach That Boy To Read…

    Still “Cracking” The Kid’s Code…

    More On–What Are Kids Saying…

    More Comments From Kerry’s Corner

    Heavenward Helium

    Speaking of Climbing…

    Kids Count Too…

    Sweet Big Sister

    Comments From Kerry’s Corner

    Kids–“Ya Gotta Love ‘Em!”

    Kerry’s Quotes For The Day…

    Mary Had A What?!

    More Kerry Comments…

    The Little Witness…

    Another Spiritual Question…

    Kid’s Stuff

    Forest Fun

    Passing Notes In Class…”

    More Morning “Pick-Me-Ups”…

    I Can’t Look!


    What Are Kids Really Saying?

    A Tender Moment Gone Awry

    My Little Sarah Beth

    Thank God For Kids

    My Sweet Little Kerry

    Jesus’ Bible Story Club

    He Never Ceases To Amaze Me…

    Two Sides of the Same Sarah

    How Old Is God?

    Did I Blink?

    Just A Wee-Bit Precious…

    Yep, That’s My Little Kerry…

    Signs, Signs, Everywhere…

    Doesn’t He Need A Seat-belt Too?

    Fun Photos of the Kids

    What Are You Doing, Kerry?

    Sarah’s “Preaching” Again…

    My Little Man’s Growing Up?

    It Was Only Imagined

    To Everything There Is A Season…

    Sarah “Got Me…”

    Sure Was Nice…

    More Yard-Sale Stuff…

    Don’t Spank Me, Grandma!

    Kids and Their Imaginations

    Kerry-The Little Opportunist

    Oh, Sarah Beth…

    He’s Not Even 4 Yet…

    Oh, Kerry, Kerry, Kerry…

    Different-Even In The Womb…

    The Comments Continue…

    Morning “Pick-Me-Ups”

    Sure is Sweet…

    A-h-h-h, Isn’t That Sweet?

    There’s No Place Like Home

    Sarah’s Science Lesson

    The Youngins’ Yardsale

    Little Kerry Made My Morning

    He’s Still “Cracking Me Up!”

    Couple of Kerry’s Latest

    Welcome Home, Daisy

    The Missing Toothbrush

    Don’t Let Him Fool Ya

    Kids Really Do Say the Cutest Things

    A Prayer for My Daughter…

    Sometimes It Really Is Just Lemon Juice

    Folding Laundry While Events Unfold

    Spiritual Questions

    Kerry–Lack of Confidence–No Way!

    Sassy Sarah

    Little Kerry’s Lessons in Persistence

    Sarah In The Sun

    This Kid “Cracks Me Up!”

    Kerry’s Latest Sayings

    Kerry’s Sayings For The Day

    Where, Oh Where, Are You Kerry?

    “Burdens” That Are Heavy; Not Burdensome

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