Do Lightning Bugs Get Headaches?

Yesterday, I was out mowing the grass, when Sarah suddenly appeared in front of me. (Well, you know, not really…It just seemed that way.) I looked up and there was my little girl on the sidewalk, dressed in her cute little Winnie the Pooh “skort” and her blue and yellow flowered shirt. She was holding her jar of lightning bugs; gazing at them proudly and lovingly…


You see, Sunday night we had been over to my parents’ for Father’s Day, and Sarah caught a bunch of fireflies. Dad found her an old mason jar to house her collection. Then, Grandpa punched a few holes in the top of the jar and handed it to Sarah. However, he soon discovered that a couple of the openings were too large. The lightning bugs were managing to escape, so Sarah and her grandpa got some tiny sticks to plug up the larger places. Dad also showed Sarah how she could tap the jar or gently shake it so that the fireflies would fall back down.

Dad commented on his surprise that kids really haven’t changed that much. He told Sarah about how he too used to greatly enjoy capturing lightning bugs when he was a kid. Yep, Grandpa did, I did, and now Sarah.


So, anyway, yesterday morning Sarah was admiring and studying her collection. Then, she started screaming at them and singing to them “at the top of her lungs”…I mean serenading them. 😉 All the while, my little girl was shaking the jar vigorously, and beating tapping on the sides. 😀 A smile crept across my face, as I was suddenly struck by a strange and silly question: “Do lightning bugs get headaches?”

{If it seems like I have an odd sense of humor when it comes to such things, I suppose it partly comes from empathy (for the lightning bugs, that is). In this situation, I was picturing myself trapped in a small glass room, being constantly yelled at and thrashed about… Being one who frequently gets very bad headaches, this strange thought really made my head hurt!! Once again, I just couldn’t help but think, “Do lightning bugs get headaches?}

Well, I don’t really know the answer to that question, and I probably never will. In fact, I will always wonder… However, there is one thing I need not ever question, and this thought makes me smile for a different reason. One thing is for certain…I am blessed…yes, I am blessed.


Check out these photos of my cute “young-ins”–Sarah (with her firefly collection) and Kerry (wearing his favorite red cap):

Aren’t they a sweet sight?! How could I not feel blessed?!


**P.S. Sarah tends to be kind of “heavy handed,” loud, and boisterous (she is young yet...) At the same time, she is doting, motherly, loving, caring, and very affectionate. Sarah’s like a “mother hen,” and she’s been that way almost since “day one!” She’s just so sweet and cute to watch!

I LOVE the last photo of Sarah and Kerry sharing a laugh! They have a strong bond and are very close. Of course, like any siblings, they have their moments when they fight and argue. However, there’s still a lot of love there between them…Yep, a lot of love.

Kid’s Comments

My kids are constantly saying humorous things. I just realized today, that I haven’t posted any of their funny comments in a while. I don’t ever want to get too busy, bogged down, or too consumed in daily activities that I forget to take notice of the cute things they say. In the last couple of weeks or so, I think I’ve also started to get lost in the irritations of motherhood instead of gleaning the inexplicable joy.

You know, life is that way. Both are always there…the good and the bad. However, our experiences truly become more about where we choose to put our focus! Anyway, right now, at this moment, I wish to turn my attention toward some cute, funny moments and give you a glimpse of the good. Won’t you soak it up with me?!


One day a couple of weeks ago, Kerry came up to me…asking for my help, while furiously rubbing his eye. Kerry exclaimed: “Mommy, my eye is hurting! I think I have an ‘eye-flash‘ in it!”


Even though I only have two children (and a boy and girl at that), I still sometimes have a difficult time keeping their names straight. One morning, I continued to call Kerry by his sister’s name.

Finally, I said to Kerry, “S-a-r-a-h…I mean Kerry..Sorry, Mommy’s just getting old.”

Of course, like his daddy and his grand-daddy, little Kerry was very understanding and gracious about it.

“You’re getting OLD and WEIRD!” jokes little Kerry. “Hee, Hee, Hee!


One day, a week or so back, the kids and I were at a local park. As usual, Sarah quickly made many new friends, but Kerry was a little apprehensive and tentative. Another little boy had been trying to play with him, when Kerry suddenly (and ever so “politely”) made the following proclamation:

I don’t know you, kid!! I don’t know you, and you don’t know me!”

The other friendly little boy reminded me of Sarah. He quickly responded, “Hi. My name is Ethan, and I am four.”

From that moment on, the two were instantly pals and got along great!

Mother’s Day: A Little Of This…

…And A Little Of That.


My daughter Sarah wrote this poem for me (and shared it with me this morning):

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I am pretty,

and so are you!

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

God loves me,

and God loves you too!


At church this morning, Wanda (the Youth Director) had all the youth to stand in front of the congregation, while she shared some things they had written about their moms. Wanda and other youth helpers had previously gotten the kids to fill in some sentences to describe their mothers. Many of the responses were quite humorous! As soon as Wanda had gone down the line of children and had reached my two, I have to admit I was a little nervous, especially as she approached little Kerry!

The following are their responses (they’re not too bad, but they are kind of cute!): (The underlined, blue words are their responses).


My Special Mother

My mother is the most wonderful Mom in the world!

She is as pretty as:


She weighs: 30 pounds.

And she is 10 feet tall.

I think Mom looks funny when she:


My mom is so smart! She even knows:

how to cook.

I like it when my mom:

reads me a story.

I wouldn’t trade my mom for:






My Special Mother

My mother is the most wonderful Mom in the world!

She is as pretty as:

a rose.

She weighs: 16 pounds.

And she is 6 feet tall.

I think Mom looks funny when she:

married my Daddy with short hair.

My mom is so smart! She even knows:

how to drive (and get tickets!).

I like it when my mom:

sits with me.

I wouldn’t trade my mom for:






This morning at church, Kristen sang “Handful of Weeds” for Mother’s Day. I love this song by Sheri Easter; especially the line that says, “…She deserves an armful of roses, but she’s satisfied with a handful of weeds.” I can’t help but think about all the times one of my kids has happily handed me a bouquet of freshly picked dandelions! Oh, what a blessing!!–That precious smile on each child’s face and the knowledge that each wanted to give me something beautiful!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sarah’s First Plastic Card…

…her first library card, that is. What did you think I meant? What kind of fool do ya think I am?!

Yeah, the library card is quite enough for now! People are constantly saying to me, “Just think about what it will be like when Sarah goes to get her Driver’s License.” Instead, I think to myself, “Why would I want to think about that just yet?! Let me deal with the issues at hand first, please! If I think too far ahead, I might start to hyperventilate! (O.k., well not really, exactly, but it won’t help me handle the “now” any better!)”

As far as any other plastic goes, I’ll like it just fine if my kids never own a single credit card!


Anyway, yeah, Sarah was THRILLED!! I know…it’s so cute and sweet how the smallest, most trivial things that we take for granted mean so very much to a 6 yr. old, huh?! Sarah felt so much older and more important!

She actually could have gotten one a couple of years ago–I just never thought about it. However, today it finally occurred to me, when we were checking out books at our town library. I had been busy making summer plans, while the kids were on the computers and picking out their books. I had forgotten to put a limit on how many books the kids could check out, and I didn’t notice until we headed to the circulation desk. Each kid came staggering to the desk; struggling with huge piles of books. I can only get 20 books on my card, and it only took a quick glance to determine that my children had greatly exceeded the limit.

Thinking about how much Sarah LOVES to read and how quickly she “devours” the books from the library, I thought, “Perhaps I should see about getting Sarah her own card!” (Also, little Kerry is still in the initial learning phase of reading, and I need to have him working on it more.) The librarian informed me that if a student was at least Kindergarten-age that he/she could get their own card. Of course, I guess I used to know that and had just forgotten.

So, Sarah obtained her new card and was quite pleased. Kerry, however, was a little miffed and envious. I told him that he could get his own card next year. He still didn’t like it, but he was happy with his huge stack of books, (as long as I helped him carry them)!

Getting Ready For Church

This morning, getting my son ready for church was like many Sunday mornings ’round here. The only difference this particular morning was that I tried to find the humor in it, instead of just getting so flustered and upset… This is how things went with my little Kerry:


Kerry came out wearing a mismatched shirt and pants, white socks, and mismatched shoes. Knowing how I was already feeling and how this particular situation usually goes, I promptly decided I needed reinforcements, so I sent in my husband Scott. Kerry then came out with a nice shirt (which actually fit) and suit pants that didn’t totally clash! That would have been good enough for me at that point, but Scott wanted me to find Kerry’s matching suit jacket.

And so began the search. I checked everywhere…his closet, the floor, his dresser drawers, the corners, behind the dresser, etc. Then, suddenly, I said, “Oh no, don’t tell me…it’s under your bed, isn’t it?!” Sure enough, I found it, along with two of Kerry’s dress vests, all wadded up in a corner under his bed.

While Kerry was trying to complain about not wanting to wear a suit, I found him a tie that matched his shirt and suit perfectly. Then, Kerry tried to whine about wanting to wear a different tie (which of course didn’t match!) So, naturally, I told him to go ask his Daddy which tie looked better, while I tried to finish up some other things!

I was rushing around, trying to get ready, when I noticed Kerry sitting on the couch in the living room. (I remember thinking, “Can it be…is he actually ready?!”) However, knowing Kerry, I took a closer look… There was my little boy, sitting there having a pretend fight with the two ties–one in each hand! At this point, frustration finally gave way to hysterical laughter!!

Well, laughing’s certainly better than crying, right?! -D

So, for those of you with older boys, will you please tell me…Does it get any better?! You see, I don’t want to fill my head with grandiose illusions and false hope! But, then again, ignorance can be bliss, right?! -D