Doggie Delight

Aw-w-w, if you love doggies, these pics will delight you! Check out these darlings:

cute puppy pictures

funny dog pictures

funny dog pictures


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“This Is Dedicated…

…To The One I Love.” Happy Valentine’s Day to my hubby, Scott! -)

You are the only man for me. I thank the Lord for you. I love you…always and forever.


–Spring of 1989–Our Junior/Senior Prom. (Check out that hair of mine–What was I thinking?! Better yet, when I posted this picture, what was I thinking?! )



–Summer 1996 (just before we got married). Don’t we look sweet…with a little strange shade of blue added in? (Yep, I think this photo could be a little faded!)



–November 23rd, 1996–Our Wedding Day




**P.S. Yes, I know, Honey. I could have used your expertise in photo editing, huh?!


**Note: To any other married folk reading this, have you hugged and kissed your sweetheart today?! Happy Valentine’s Day!

**UpdateP.S. Also, if anyone else is questioning the dates from the above pictures, and you would like to know “the rest of the story,” you may read the series of short posts below:

Marriage–Our Beginning–God’s Provision, Timing, and Will

Below is a group of posts that tells the gist of our story–how we met, fell in love, and got married (eventually)…

We’ve Grown Up Together

A Very Long Walk…

Even at 15…

“Was It Something I Said?”

“In Due Time” (Waiting For God’s Timing)

“What Do–A $1,000 Budget, A Respected Indian Pastor, and An ‘86 Chevy–Have in common?”

Cute and Cuddly

I don’t know about you, but the “cute and cuddly” make me smile. I think they even lower my blood pressure a little. The doctor has told me to “watch” my blood pressure and keep check of it this week. You know what, though, I think keeping track of it, only raises it more! -D What’s a person to do? Well, I know sitting around here worrying about it sure isn’t going to help! So, I do believe the kids and I are going for a walk.

For now, I leave you with these sweet, furry blessings:

Funny Dog pictures & photos # 7

Funny Dog pictures & photos # 19

Funny Dog pictures & photos # 23

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Precious Pets…Part 2

A-w-w-w, ain’t this just the most precious, sweet, (yet sad) picture you’ve ever seen?! You know you want to say it too. Go ahead and say, “A-w-w-w!!



But, hey, this next picture shows how dreams really can come true!

funny dog picture, loldogs, cute, outside, happy dog


More Kitty stuff…

I know it’s just plain silly and ridiculous, but I can’t help it–it just “cracks me up” every time I see this picture. …And yes, I am easily amused! Check out the newest in “Kitty wear”:

funny pictures


A-w-w–parents and their expectations. Is anything ever enough for them?!

funny pictures

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