New Vision…New Blog

Well, I know I’ve taken several months off from blogging.  I’ve still been around on the Internet…keeping up with friends and family through Facebook.  However, I realized the other day, that I really do miss blogging.  I’ve determined it has served an important purpose for me…it’s even been a kind of therapy for me in the past.

Anyway, a lot of changes have occurred for my family and I in the last few months or so.  As a result, even though I want to get back to blogging, I sense that I need to start afresh.  This blog covers one season in my life, and so as I begin another phase, it seems appropriate to start a new blog.

I also believe that God has begun to show me a new direction and vision.  So from now on, I will be posting at: “Receive Your Sight” With this renewed vision, God is still supplying the daily provisions (and revisions) for this spiritual journey.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Prov. 29:18



So, I’m The Expert Now?!

I took the hubby’s advice today (he loves it when I do that!) About 10:30 this morning, I threw on some old clothes and sneakers and headed out to the backyard. I began cleaning up the yard; clearing a path from rocks, sticks, toys, and various other debris. Next, I grabbed some planks of wood and set out some “bases,” while Gracie happily trotted along behind me.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the kids appeared outside; looking on curiously. I told Sarah to go get her T-ball stuff, and she hurried off. She was back in a jiffy, and we were set for some backyard fun…


I’m now reflecting back to playing with the kids, and I remember thinking, “What, you mean I’m the “expert” on this stuff now?! That’s hilarious!!” You see, here I was giving tips on how to hold the bat, the proper stance, how to swing, etc, and when I was a kid I was horrible at most any kind of sport! However, today, I realized that I’m actually better at some of these things now, than I was when I was a kid! When I was growing up, I was kind of awkward, self-conscious, and uncoordinated. I was also so apprehensive, hyper, and impatient that I couldn’t seem to wait for the ball to come to me. Anyway, it was nice to see some kind of patience come with age! ;-)


The kids and I had a great time today, and we needed it! We had lots of fun in the sun on this “spring-like” day; playing T-ball (with no T) and kick-ball. (Of course, I may not be able to get out of bed or walk tomorrow, but we sure had lots of enjoyment today!) -D


**Note: Days like today are one of the nice things about living in N.C.! (However, don’t begrudge us too much! -) For those who like snow, you won’t see much of it ’round here. In fact, this winter, we haven’t had one snow that was hardly enough to cover the ground!)