Thursday Thirteen #4

O.k….better late than never, right?! I’m usually pretty prompt, but this week’s been extra crazy! Anyway, here’s my TT list:

13 Things That Make Me Smile

1. My little boy’s morning “bed-head” and his ear to ear smile when he says, “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY! -D

2. My daughter’s peanut butter sandwiches made just for me with love

3. Spring-time–fresh air, gentle, cool breeze, warm sunshine, buds and blossoms springing forth, and birds singing

4. My hubby coming home from work in the evenings–with a hug and a kiss just for me

5. Standing with Scott, watching through the kitchen window, as our kids play and frolic in the backyard

6. The greeting I receive from my dog, Gracie, when I walk through the front door

7. Watching my children, Sarah and Kerry, singing Bible songs and doing sign language to the lyrics

8. Seeing my kids greeting people at church; shaking hands, hugging, and smiling

9. When Pastor Jim lets my kids take turns ringing the church bell (Little Kerry goes up with the rope, and his little feet leave the floor! It’s so cute! -D )

10. Hearing my little Kerry sound out a word for the first time

11. Reading a sweet note from my daughter (on no special occasion; “just because…”)

12. Walking into church on a Sunday morning with my husband Scott and our two beautiful children

13. Saturday morning pancakes at home with my family (as we sit at our quaint little kitchen table in front of the bay window; sometimes with the beautiful sunlight streaming in…)


**If we just look for these special little “smile-maker” moments, we’ll be surprised how many we discover! Have a blessed weekend, and keep smiling! -D


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