Attitude of Gratitude

One of the beneficial things I haven’t done in quite a while is Thankful Thursday. To me, it really is helpful to set aside special time to remember and record my thankful list each week. When I’m planning for a weekly thankful post, it makes me more mindful of the many blessings I constantly receive.

Well, I know it’s not technically Thursday, but it’s my thankful list nonetheless. (I was gone almost all day yesterday). Anyway, below are just a few of the many things I have to be thankful for. I realize that my attitude had gotten a little off kilter lately, but that can be easily remedied. It doesn’t take long to discover numerous blessings when we just take a look around. Then, it’s not that hard to have an “attitude of gratitude,” when we consider all that our Lord has given us and done for us!!


“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.”Psalms 100:4-5


I am thankful for:

–honest, good people…They do still exist, though the enemy would have us believe otherwise. I was in the McDonald’s the other day, and I left my wallet in the bathroom. A lady took it to the cashiers up front and let them know whose she thought it might be (she pointed out my table and said she thought it was either mine or my friend’s. Together, two of the cashiers looked in my wallet just enough to find my I.D. right in front, and then they returned it to me. I hadn’t even missed it yet…didn’t even know it was gone. When it was returned to me, my cards remained untouched, and not as much as a red cent was missing!

–good, true friends. Recently, I’ve been reminded of just how vital good friends can be to our well-being. I have been through some major struggles in the past couple of months. I am so thankful for the loving and thoughtful ways that others have showed they cared and have tried to help and encourage me. Even the “little” acts of kindness have meant so very much to me.

–God’s everlasting love, and I’m amazed with His patience. -)

–medical knowledge, doctors, medications…However, I’m most thankful for God’s discernment and wisdom.

–the life God has blessed me with…family, friends, church, community…

–a good, enjoyable, and productive day yesterday (for a couple of months, it hadn’t seemed like I’ve had too many of those.) Perhaps I’ll remember to be more thankful when I do! -)

–a new year…and a new hope.


Where Is That?…

…it was just here…I know it was! It’s like it grew legs and ran away. No, it sprouted wings and flew away! Do you know the feeling? Well, I guess this post will show just how disorganized and scattered I can be at times, but for some reason, I can’t resist! Besides, I’m sure some of you out there can relate, and those who can’t…try not to gloat too much!

So…my Thursday 13 for this week is:

Edition #11

13 Items I Frequently Lose (and spend a lot of time looking for!):

1. Tape (No matter how many tape dispensers I keep on hand, I can never seem to find tape when I need it! Can anyone relate?!)

2. Scissors (I finally found one central place to put the several pairs of scissors, and I’ve pretty much learned to put them back. However, in the middle of using a pair, I still tend to lose them a lot…you know, the whole sprouting wings thing and disappearing act!)

3. Ruler (I think we now have at least 6-8 rulers in the house, yet no one can seem to readily locate a ruler when they need one!)

4. Brush, comb, hair barrettes, hair ties, spray conditioner, and spray detangler (Can’t imagine why I have so many bad hair days?!)

5. Socks (S-h-h, don’t tell anyone, but my socks don’t always match exactly!)

6. Umbrella (I’ve quit carrying one; I only do rain-jackets with hoods now.)

7. Wipes (With small kids around, I just cannot tell you how inconvenient it is to not have a wipe handy when ya need one!)

8. Tissues (Results in situation much like #7 alluded to above!)

9. Gloves (Who needs ’em anyway…I think I’ve just about given these up too! Luckily, I live in the south!)

10. Sunglasses (I have improved with finding these since I’ve gotten two or three pairs at the dollar store, and I keep a pair in my vehicle.)

11. Pen (O.k., I don’t know how many 10 packs of pens I have purchased at the dollar store. I could have a hundred pens around here and not be able to find one when I need it most…like to take down an important message! What I usually will find instead is an unsharpened pencil or a broken crayon! )

12. Keys (I’ve started putting my house key and vehicle key in my pockets–one in each pocket of my jeans. This works out pretty good until I leave them in my pockets at night and spend the next morning going through pocket after pocket!)

13. Cell Phone (This is another item that must grow legs and run off some where. It just never seems to stay where I leave it…it’s very unruly!)


–One item I can usually find is my Bible, and that’s a good thing…’cause it’s my “road map!”


**Update: P.S. O.k., I just have to mention this…Mom, when you read this post, I know what you’ll be thinking! >>“That ‘girl’ is just like her father!”>>

What, can I say…we have to manage with the cards we are dealt, right?! Hee, hee, hee!


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13 Heroes

Edition #8

13 “Heroes” and Role Models of Mine:

There have been many, many people in my life that have encouraged and inspired me over the years. Here’s a list “off the top of my head” of 13 people who have really stood out to me:

1. Nannie Lee Smith — She was an “adopted” grandmother of mine from the church of my childhood, who went to be with Jesus many years ago. She was tough and outspoken. Nannie Lee loved her Jesus, and she loved people. She was not timid about sharing her faith, nor her love!

2. Margaret Johnson –She was an older lady from my current church, who went to Heaven last year. Mrs. Margaret had a smile that could “light up an entire room.”

3. Joyce Blinson –She was an older lady from my current church, who is also celebrating in Heaven now. Mrs. Joyce was one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen, and she was always cooking for people, even up into her nineties!

4. My Grandma Gilbert –Grandma was a strong woman, with strong faith. She was also an AWESOME cook who cooked from “scratch,” and she cooked for many people for many years. In later years, she went through a lot physically, but now she’s running up and down the streets of gold with new legs!!

5. Esther in the Holy Bible –I love her faith, courage, and concern for others!

6. Naomi and Ruth in the Holy Bible –I love the strong bond between them and how Ruth stuck by her mother-in-law.

7. Mother Teresa –Well, what can I say?! AWESOME service, compassion, and love for others!

8. Corrie ten Boom –Oh, how I love and admire her strength, courage, faith, and FORGIVENESS! If you don’t know her story, please look into it!

9. Esther Long — She was my Sunday School teacher when I was a kid. Ms. Esther was one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever known. She didn’t have any children of her own, but she loved all the kids at church and showed so much interest in each one. Mrs. Esther was another one who had such a beautiful smile–oh, how I loved that smile!

10. Sammy and Teresa SpencerAs a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed going to see Uncle Sammy and Aunt Teresa. Their home was a few hours from ours, and they were always so welcoming to us whenever we came to visit. Sammy and Teresa always seemed like a really good match–they made a great team. Both loved God, people, music, and life. Sammy has always been so fun, loving, and easy-going. Teresa was the “perfect” hostess, who loved to have people over and loved to make people feel “at home.” Sammy and Teresa went through so very much last year (both having cancer at the same time), and they depended on the Lord to carry them through every step of the way. Aunt Teresa was very, very sick, yet she would still manage a big, beautiful smile for all her many, many visitors. She is in Heaven now, and Uncle Sammy is still here on Earth, pressing on. Losing his wife has been so incredibly difficult for him, yet he has still retained his wonderful sense of humor and faith in God.

11. Ellen LeeShe was another “adopted” grandmother of mine, who attended the church of my childhood days. Mrs. Ellen was a sweet, gentle, and quiet soul, who showed me so much love and encouragement. She is also in Heaven; rejoicing and praising the Lord!

12. Jim and Elisabeth Elliot I so admire their faith, obedience, self-control, and perseverance. They had such a love for God and commitment to Him. I will never forget their tremendous compassion and sacrificial love for others, as well. If you have never read Elisabeth’s book, “Passion and Purity,” please do!

13. Paul in the Holy BibleWow, what zeal, enthusiasm, and perseverance did Paul have, huh?! Paul had obviously made some major mistakes in the beginning, but he sure didn’t let those serve as an excuse to do nothing for God later! Once Paul’s eyes were opened to the TRUTH, he passionately followed God and sought to spread the Gospel wherever the Holy Spirit led him.

**Note: Of course, whom I seek to be most like is Christ. No one can serve as a better role model than Jesus–He’s the ULTIMATE!!


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