Prayer Request

Aunt Teresa is with our Lord in Heaven today. Her pain is gone, but that of the family endures… Please remember the family in your prayers.

More Exciting News!!

My cousin Tiffany is getting married Sat., Sept. 29th!! Congratulations to Mark and Tiffany! Please keep these two sweet, Christian people in your prayers as they embark on the wonderful journey of marriage!

I love you Tiff, and I pray God will bless you and Mark in your union, as I’m sure He will as you both depend on Him!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mom! (Yes, today is my mom’s birthday). Mom, I thank God for you, and I love you very much!

Latest from Tiff…

My cousin Tiff’s message and prayer request from Wed., Sept. 12th:

…Please pray for mom this afternoon. Per her surgeon in Roanoke’s request, she went to the ER in Rocky Mt last night just to get a CT Scan and they sent her home without one. Her surgeon still wants one, so she went back today at 4:00 to get it. After the results come back from the scan, the doctors there will be draining off some fluid from her stomach to help alleviate the pressure in her stomach. Thank you Dr. Hagy for your determination to help my mom!! Please keep her in your prayers in that this will work and help mom to feel much better. As far as I know right now, I do not think that this will require an overnight stay. We’ll probably be home later in the evening to celebrate her 58th Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!

Message from yesterday, Thurs., Sept. 13th:

Mom received her CT Scan yesterday, however no fluid was drained. She goes in to see her Surgeon in Roanoke today for her results and to see what needs to be done next. Please keep mom and this appointment in your prayers. Please also pray for mom’s swelling to go down and for her continued spiritual strength in the Lord.

Please continue to keep my aunt Teresa in your prayers. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Did I Blink?

How did Little Kerry go from this:


to this:


Yeah, I know, the same way Sarah went from this:


to this:


Yeah, I guess I do know how it happened, but how did it seem to happen so fast? Did I blink?

Tiff’s Updates…

My cousin Tiffany sends the following family updates, prayer requests, and praise reports:

1. Please continue to pray for mom as she’s had a rough week this past week. She’s going today to have another X-ray to make sure her chest is clear from Pneumonia. Please pray that we can get her off of her antibiotics and that she will regain some of her strength. Continue to pray for her spiritual needs, if not more than her physical. Please pray that she and the Lord will walk hand-in-hand everyday and that HE will renew her strength! Great is HIS faithfulness!

2. Dad had a good appt on Wednesday. His cancer has not grown any since the last CT scan about 5 months ago. His surgery can be put off longer now. They will recheck him again on Dec 5th. Thank you Lord!!!!

3. GOD IS GOOD AND ANSWERS PRAYER! Derek and Shawn are the proud parents of a PRECIOUS baby girl, Bailey Nicole Spencer! She was born 7lbs and 11oz and 19 and 3/4 inches long. She was born on 8/31 at 12:33pm. 

4. And if a new baby isn’t exciting enough, I have more news… I am engaged! Mark asked me this past Monday evening and no date has been set as of yet. Please pray for God’s discernment in choosing a date and time… and in the planning process. We want HIM to be the focal point of our wedding & marriage!


Thanks so much for your faithfulness in prayer, and please continue to keep Teresa, Sammy, and the family in your prayers.

Recent Prayer Update

My cousin Tiffany just sent me another update about Sammy and Teresa. She says that her parents are doing well, but of course still desire our prayers. Also, Tiffany asks that we continue to pray for Derek and Shawn and the safe arrival of their “precious little Bailey.” Shawn’s due date is “right around the corner”–September 4th!!! For further details, please click here.