What A Savior…

For the last couple of days, a couple of lines from a familiar song have been continually “playing” in my mind and heart… “Oh, What a Savior! Oh, Hallelujah!….” I am thankful for my Jesus and what He has done for me. I know I can never repay Him–I just pray for His help and strength in being a witness…

Lord, please help me—

in all I say and do…

to bring glory and honor to you.


What A Savior

By: The Cathedrals

Once I was straying in sin’s dark valley,
No hope within could I see,
I searched through heaven and found a Savior,
To save a poor lost soul like me


Oh what a Savior! Oh Hallelujah
His heart was broken on Calvary,
His hands we nail scared: His side was driven,
He gave his life blood for you and me

He left the Father, with all his riches,
With calmness sweet and serene,
Came down from heaven and gave his life blood
To make the vilest sinner clean.


Death’s chilly waters I’ll soon be crossing,
His hand will lead me safely home
I’ll join the chorus in that great city,
And sing up there for ever more


**Note: You may listen to the above song here and over here.