Can My Dog Teach Me How To Follow?

Our family has a very sweet dog named Gracie. A little over two years ago, my sister-in-law brought her to us in a shoe-box. Gracie was less than 6 weeks old and weighed less than 6 pounds. She would curl up in my lap and be so content and happy…

Nowadays, if I sit on the floor, Gracie still tries to sit in my lap. I wouldn’t mind so much, if she didn’t weigh 70 pounds! Gracie doesn’t know the difference though. She just knows she likes to be near “Mommy.” In fact, it doesn’t seem to matter so much what we do together, just so long as we’re together.

Wherever I go, she wants to be there too. Whatever I’m doing, she wants to feel included. Mostly, however, Gracie just wants to be in my presence…

Today, my dog got me to thinking. Perhaps Gracie could teach me a thing or two about being a follower. You see, I don’t like to be the leader of other people, but I’m too independent to follow others for too long. Of course, I’m still not really interested in following other people. There’s only One I want to concern myself with following, and His name is Jesus.

Gracie depends on me for everything–food, shelter, comfort… She follows me wherever I go, and enjoys just being near me. Yes, Gracie knows what it means to be a follower. I seek to follow Christ in that way–to depend on His provision for all my needs, to follow wherever He leads, and to bask in His glorious presence…


If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” —Luke 9:23


**Note:   If my lesson seems simple–it is.  It’s a simple example, message, and reminder.  Yet, why does it seem so hard to implement?  We must let Him show us the way…


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great reminder!!! I have a video on my blog I think you would enjoy. It’s under who are you dancing with. If you haven’t seen it already, feel free to check it out.
    Also, I see you have a tag on homeschooling. I am considering this for my youngest son (6). I am looking for any info on this as we pray and make the decision.
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha 🙂

  2. Hi Janet!!

    I just want to let you know that I have a little present for you in my post. You also have been tagged for collective written Christmas meme. (for this tag, you could decide to participate or … not).

    Take care!! ^_^ ~ Annita.

  3. Janet, I forgot to mention you could find the li’l surprise under my post tittled ” ….. Award”

    God bless.

  4. Hi Debbie!

    Thanks for the video clip and thanks for stopping by!

    About homeschooling… Yes, this is my second year of homeschooling. I have a page entitled Homeschooling, which has some information and resource links. On that same page, you can also view Back to Homeschool Week, which provides various ways to approaching homeschooling.

    Please feel free to ask any other specific questions you have, and I will do my best to answer them or to help you find an answer! Before I began this adventure, I gathered a lot of information, consulted with homeschooling moms who have been homeschooling for more than a decade…And my husband and I did a lot of praying about this decision!

    May our Lord guide you and your husband in doing what’s best for your family.
    Have a blessed day!
    In Him,

  5. Hi Annita,

    Thanks so much for including me in your list of “Totally Fabulous” blogs. I don’t quite know what to say… I think I’m blushing!

    In Him,

  6. Isn’t it neat how God can use the things(in this case, your dog)to speak to us? I think simple illustrations are good, because more people can relate to them. In answer to your question, sometimes it’s hard to implement the following because we do have a human will that sometimes just wants to have its’ own way. To really follow Jesus takes a dying out to ourselves, and that is not always easy to do. I believe it can only be accomplished through seeking Him and asking Him to help us to do His will.
    Anyhow, just my two cents worth. Thanks for another great post.


  7. Amen! I appreciate your “two cents worth,” and I agree wholeheartedly!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  8. God bless you Janet. Thanks for visiting earlier today.

    Yes, it’s quite simple, yet sometimes all we need is an illustration and ‘snap’ we get. I for one must visualize and more than once!

    So, thanks for this awesome reminder that God wants us to be near.

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